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Liam Smith: Jaime Munguia will be there for me to open up on!

Smith says he likes the style match-up with Munguia as well as his chances in this fight.

Boxing at Manchester Arena Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

As junior middleweight Liam Smith (26-1-1, 14 KOs) gets a chance at a world title this weekend against Jaime Munguia (29-0, 25 KOs), the British boxer tells RingTV that he wasn’t surprised at how Sadam Ali lost his belt to Munguia despite picking Ali to win on experience.

Of course Ali would go on to get brutalized by Munguia en route to losing his WBO strap, but Smith says since he’s a legitimate junior middleweight, unlike Ali, this will be a completely different story, and that Munguia has a predictable come-forward style which he favors.

“Ali looked small and fat at the weigh-in. I couldn’t believe it. He looked terrible to be honest with you. (Team Munguia) will know how strong and tough I am. Munguia’s camp might say I suit him stylistically, but I can say this to you right now: If you offer me Ali’s style or Munguia’s style, then I’ll pick Munguia 10 times out of 10. I don’t want to be chasing Ali around, whereas Munguia is always going to be there for me to open up on.”

Smith goes on to predict some brutal action starting from the first round, saying that he’s not going to be running from Munguia. But might that just cause Smith to get trampled? You tell me, fans. What kind of chance are you giving Smith to pull off the win this weekend?

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