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Anthony Joshua explains dust-up with Jarrell Miller

Joshua then gets visibly agitated once he hears about Miller’s comments about taking his mother on a date.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following yesterday’s little brouhaha between Anthony Joshua and Jarrell Miller at the DAZN press conference, Joshua sat down with Sporting News to discuss what transpired on stage that irritated him.

“You know, like, I don’t really have any issue with many people because I just feel like when I come through the amateur pedigree, I fought some of the best amateurs in the world — world champions, Olympic champions, European champions, the Cubans — and we’ve always had a level of respect for each other. So I wanted to take that into the professional world.

“But when I signed to turn pro I realized that people who can’t even tie up your shoelaces disrespect you. So with Miller, he’s always been very negative towards me and I’m not in the business of talking just for clout. I talk ‘cause it’s real. If I believe I’m better than you I’m saying that because I am. I don’t just talk it because I want to be popular. So you’re coming in my turf, you know — and remember he started talking behind my back — and it’s a territorial thing so if you’re gonna bark, I’m gonna roar. And that’s just how it is, really.”

Then, when Joshua was informed about Miller saying he had a date planned with his mother, Joshua was clearly taken aback.

“What?!” Joshua exclaimed. “Come say it to my face!”

The reporter would then segue into another question about Joshua’s upcoming fight with Povetkin, the launch of DAZN, and what the impact it could have on his career Stateside. But Joshua’s mind was clearly elsewhere, staring off into the abyss as the reporter posed the question.

“Uhh, I’m still thinking about that comment.

“That’s what I’m saying [about crossing the line and having no respect],” a flustered Joshua would reply before fumbling his next thoughts. “That’s why I don’t — That’s why...Yeah. Yeah, he’s not on my level. We’re not the same, we’re not cut from the same cloth.”

Joshua was then asked if that comment motivates him to want to teach Miller a lesson and Joshua replied:

“I’ve been teaching people lessons. Miller doesn’t define my boxing career, do you know what I’m saying? So because one person says something doesn’t mean it’s gonna define my whole legacy in this boxing world, but he needs to watch his mouth because, like I said, I’m not someone that talks for clout. You know, Miller is not cut from the same cloth as me so he should watch how he talks.”

Joshua would maintain him calm disposition on the surface, but underneath was clear his blood was starting to boil.

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