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Mikey Garcia talks fight with Robert Easter Jr, potential move to welterweight

Mikey Garcia discusses his upcoming fight and a big potential move up.

Adrien Broner v Mikey Garcia Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Lightweight titleholder Mikey Garcia spoke with Premier Boxing Champions about his upcoming fight with Robert Easter Jr on July 28, and about his much-discussed potential move to welterweight to face Errol Spence Jr.

Check out the video here.

On facing Robert Easter Jr:

“We can never compare careers. Different times, different opponents, different weight class. But overall I think, you know, my experience is above his. I think the level of opponents that I have faced in the past have all been at high levels, and he’s been champion for a few fights already, he’s been defending his title, which is what a champion does. But I think I’ve faced different styles — I have more fights than he does. So overall I think I have more experience than he does, not just because of the number of fights but because of the opponents that I’ve faced.

“I’ve faced a lot of former champions and current champions, undefeated champions. That’s the difference. I’m fighting different guys, champions, and not just the number of fights but as far as the opponents themselves, I’ve faced better opposition.”

On his preparation for the Easter fight:

“We worked on a lot of different things in the gym, different strategies, different techniques. We have sparring partners that can challenge me in different ways. We’ve had some sparring partners that will put pressure, we’ll have sparring partners that box and stay on the outside. We have tall sparring partners to help me adjust to the height and reach. Just trying to be in the best shape possible is always what we look forward to the most, but I’ll be able to make adjustments. I think his height and reach will be what he’ll try to use. I’m just gonna be ready to do whatever it takes to win.”

On potentially moving to welterweight later this year:

“Well, you know, we gotta get past Easter first, but I have been mentioning that I want to move up to the welterweight division soon, maybe as soon as the end of this year. If the opportunity presents itself to move up to welterweight, I’m definitely gonna be excited for that. That’s something that really excites me and motivates me. That’s what I want to do.

“And I don’t want to go after just anybody, I want to go after a champion. If we can make it happen, it’s gonna be against the top champion in the division right now. Hope to get past this guy first in Easter, then we can seriously move forward with our plans to go into the welterweight division. We’ve got Errol Spence who’s top man right now, and that’s who I would wanna be in the ring with. I would wanna share the ring with Errol Spence being that he’s considered the top champion in the division. That’s the only name that excites me that much.”

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