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De La Hoya: Canelo’s pissed! He’s gonna come out swinging for the fences!

Oscar De La Hoya Canelo will be looking to make an emphatic statement against Gennady Golovkin this September.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks to Fight Hub TV about Canelo Alvarez’s ill feelings towards Gennady Golovkin heading into their September rematch and how he thinks that’ll play itself out in the fight...

De La Hoya on what changes he’s seen in Canelo’s attitude towards Golovkin:

“I’ll tell you one thing — he’s pissed off! I mean that’s the bottom line, he’s just pissed off, and I’m glad he is! I really am. I mean fans are gonna see how pissed off he is. I once told him ‘Look, don’t be angry in the ring. Train angry, as angry as you can, but in the ring don’t fight angry,’ and I believe Canelo is gonna come out, I mean, swinging for the fences!

“He’s not gonna fight angry, he’s gonna fight smart, but the fact that he’s gonna be training angry — thinking about Golovkin talking all that shit — excuse my language, it’s gonna be a war. It’s gonna be a fight.”

On if he thinks there will definitely be a knockout in the rematch:

“I believe so...It’s gonna be different from the first one, that’s for sure. I just think that the anger that I see in Canelo’s eyes now, it’s a totally different one from the first time around. I have no idea who’s gonna knockout who, but I think there is gonna be a knockout.”

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