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Smith: Munguia not ready for Canelo, doesn’t hit as hard as him

After fighting both Jaime Munguia and Canelo Alvarez, Liam Smith gives his thoughts on those two squaring off.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Liam Smith reflects on his loss to Jaime Munguia and rates him as a fighter who could potentially get matched up against Canelo Alvarez. Check out what he had to say...

Smith on how he thought the fight against Munguia went for him:

“It was a good fight until, kind of, the knockdown. Regardless I wasn’t getting a decision no matter what I done, you can tell by the looks of it. I think two judges gave me one round — you know, I’m sure you know I won more than one round in that fight. But all in all it was a good fight. He’s a good fighter in parts, he’s a naive fighter in other parts.”

On if Munguia presented anything he wasn’t expecting in the ring:

“Not really, no. No, I knew he was gonna come like that. He was very clumsy in parts where I think — I don’t wanna downgrade him because he won and he did win regardless of the scorecards which I’m complaining about...still the right winner won. I don’t wanna disrespect him a little bit but he’s not ready for Canelo or anyone like that, not a chance!”

On how he would rate Munguia’s power:

“He hits fairly hard, but, again, he doesn’t hit as hard as Canelo, no.”

On what he wants to do next in his career:

“I just got to try and stay more active obviously. Pulling out of the Sadam Ali fight killed me as well. I haven’t fought since November. Jaime Munguia has had four fights in 2018...I just need to try and stay a little bit more active, hopefully get no injuries...”

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