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WATCH: Canelo works on body shot combinations for Golovkin rematch

Canelo looks like he’s training to sap the power from Golovkin early.

With training camp in full swing for this September’s Canelo-Golovkin rematch, our friends at Fight Hub TV were able to get some inside footage of Canelo as he makes his preparations for the fight.

In the video clip above you can watch Canelo hammer the mitts and body shield as he practices setting up some monster power shots to the body — something he’ll surely want to make good use of during the fight.

Canelo demonstrated a good body attack in their first meeting and although it didn’t earn him the win, it’s certainly something to build upon. Should Canelo be able to repeatedly hit Golovkin’s 36-year-old body with shots like these it’ll certainly take a lot of steam out of Golovkin’s power, footwork, and pretty much everything else.

It also wouldn’t hurt if Golovkin put some of this work into practice himself come fight night, particularly after conspicuously straying away from throwing downstairs in their first meeting.

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