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Danny Garcia: Mikey’s not going to 147 for Spence, Crawford fight makes more sense

Danny says Mikey Garcia and Terence Crawford would be the more intuitive fight.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV Danny Garcia gives his reaction to Mikey Garcia calling out Errol Spence for a welterweight fight, right after unifying lightweight titles. Check out what he had to say on what’s become a pretty hot topic recently...

On Mikey Garcia saying he wants to challenge Errol Spence at welterweight:

“He ain’t going up to 147! He ain’t really going. He just wanna make some noise, like he pulling a Floyd Mayweather card.”

On if there’s a noticeable difference fighting at 147 coming from 140:

“It’s a difference, for sure! Yeah, it’s a difference for sure.”

On how he thinks Mikey would match up against Errol Spence:

“I mean, he got the technique, we just don’t know how physically strong he would be at that weight. That’s all it is.”

On if he would take that fight if he were Spence and if that’s a fight Spence would gain any credibility for:

“Yeah, he will. I mean if you pound-for-pound...A lot of boxing fans probably won’t give him credit but I’ll give him credit.

“It’s a weird match-up...I’d rather see Mikey and Crawford, that makes more sense. That makes more sense to me. Because Crawford’s a naturally smaller guy, 140, like me...”

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