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Tyson Fury on fighting Anthony Joshua: “They can suck my big hairy nuts!”

Tyson Fury says his experience negotiating with Deontay Wilder and his team has been as fair and direct as he’s ever experienced, unlike Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn.

Tyson Fury on if he thinks there’s a chance that he’ll ever fight Anthony Joshua:

“They way that Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua deal, I don’t think that fight’s possible to make. ‘Cause it’s not fair. ‘Cause if they was fair they’d be fighting Wilder, wouldn’t they? And they’re saying [Wilder is] hard to deal with and I’m telling you it’s very easy to deal with. I’ve never met straighter, nicer people in me life, ever!

“But when you’re trying to treat somebody else like a dosser, and you want everything and you wanna give them nothing, then the fight isn’t gonna happen, is it?! I’ve told Eddie Hearn anyway, there will be no fight unless they play fair and on a level playing field. That’s it. If they don’t wanna do that they can suck my big hairy nuts!”

On the allure of fighting against Joshua at Wembley Stadium in front of so many fans:

“Not interested, at all. It doesn’t even tickle me fancy because when you’re messing with a pair of villains then you can’t do business with them. Simple. Unless they wanna play straight, or fly in a straight direction, there will be no business ever — you heard it here first!”

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