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Rob Brant’s promoter wins purse bid for Ryota Murata fight

Neither Teiken nor Top Rank submitted a bid

Ryota Murata v Emanuele Blandamura - WBA Middleweight Title Bout Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

Rob Brant’s promoter, Greg Cohen Promotions, has won the purse bid for his upcoming WBA middleweight title bout with Ryota Murata, submitting the sole bid of $202,114 to be split 75/25 between Murata and Brant. They intend to stage the fight on October 27th and named Minneapolis, New York, and Atlantic City as possible locations.

Interestingly, neither of Murata’s promoters (Teiken and Top Rank) submitted a bid.

As the article mentions, Murata (14-1, 11 KO) and his team could still theoretically offer Brant (23-1, 16 KO) step-aside money and face their desired target, Jason Quigley. From where I’m sitting, which is with terrible posture and a head full of regret over agreeing to cover Japanese MMA at 1:00 in the morning yesterday, this seems like the likely outcome considering the bid result.

No matter what happens, expect the WBA to announce a new interim title before long. They’re fond of that lately.

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