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Shawn Porter backs Canelo to beat Golovkin

Shawn Porter gives his thoughts on the Canelo-Golovkin rematch.

I think video interview with Fight Hub TV, Shawn Porter gives his quick thoughts on his expectations for the Canelo-Golovkin rematch next month, one week after he takes on Danny Garcia. Check out what he had to say...

Porter on what he thinks of the Canelo-Golovkin rematch:

“Something’s telling me Canelo’s gonna win this one. I thought GGG won the first one but some of those rounds were like ‘Aight, I’m giving that one to GGG,’ you know, and there were honestly other rounds where you be like ‘Aight I’m giving that to Canelo, not even gonna think about it.’

“I think that GGG lacks defense and I think he got hit a lot from the outside and I think that Canelo’s gonna be a little sharper, faster, and more responsible on defense with this one. I think he’ll be ready for the power that obviously GGG brings as well as the punches that he brings. Once you’ve seen the speed and velocity that somebody’s bringing at you, you can make adjustments. So I’m expecting Canelo to make the adjustments.”

On what he makes of the PED controversy surrounding Canelo:

“Man, listen. I’ve been tested four times...three times last week and yesterday. So yesterday I looked at him and he already knew what I was thinking. He says ‘trust me, we’re getting the other guy too.’ And I was like ‘aight’ because, you know, me, I’ve always been pretty clean cut with everything that I do so, nothing to hide...

“That’s a message to all those guys out there. They are watching us, they are [cracking] down on the things that made this sport crooked are going, and the things that used to slide are not anymore.”

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