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Tyson Fury: Joshua and Wilder ‘haven’t got a brain cell between them’

Tyson Fury is back to talking trash, at least for a day.

Tyson Fury Open Workout Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Since his return to the sport earlier this year, former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has bounced back-and-forth between being very humble and very arrogant in interviews.

He has called Deontay Wilder the most dangerous fighter on the planet, for instance. But at this week’s final press conference for his fight with Francesco Pianeta on Saturday in Belfast, Fury went the other way, trashing both Wilder and Anthony Joshua:

“I think I’m the greatest heavyweight that’s ever been born, so I should handle Francesco Pianeta and whoever else is out there, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, all the bums out there. It’s very easy to win all the belts back. I’ve only got to beat two bums, basically. Wilder and Joshua and that’s it. They both haven’t got a brain cell between them so it shouldn’t be too hard for a great boxer like myself.”

Fury (26-0, 19 KO) is just being Tyson Fury, ping-ponging between likable and controversial, and it’s what we’ve seen out of him for years. One day, he’ll compliment opponents or potential opponents, the next he’ll insult their chances against him — for another “for instance,” he’s alternated between defending matchups with Sefer Seferi and Pianeta, and then saying how easy the fights will be.

So it’s just Tyson Fury all over. He’s always talked mess, always been supremely confident in his own abilities, and so far in his career, has always backed it up.

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