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Jennings vs Dimitrenko: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Bryant Jennings faces Alexander Dimitrenko in tonight’s ESPN main event.

Top Rank

Tonight at 10:00 pm ET on ESPN, Top Rank boxing is back with fights from Atlantic City, featuring a heavyweight main event between former world title challenger Bryant Jennings and Alexander Dimitrenko.

Jennings (23-2, 13 KO) has won four straight following back-to-back losses to Wladimir Klitschko and Luis Ortiz in 2015. He took 2016 off and bounced back last year, and most recently fought on April 28, beating Joey Dawejko in an all-Philly showdown on ESPN. The 33-year-old American is looking to put himself back into serious contention if he can keep winning.

Dimitrenko (41-3, 26 KO) is a 36-year-old veteran from Russia, based in Germany, who has been around the scene for years now. His losses have come to Eddie Chambers, Kubrat Pulev, and Joseph Parker, so he’s failed in serious step-up bouts. Right now, he’s on a three-fight win streak.

In the co-feature, super middleweight contender Jesse Hart (24-1, 20 KO) will take on Mike Gavronski (24-2-1, 15 KO) in what figures to be more of a tune-up bout than anything. Featherweight prospect Shakur Stevenson (7-0, 4 KO) is also in action, slated to meet Carlos Ruiz (16-4-2, 6 KO).

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call tonight. Join us!


  • JESSE HART def. MIKE GRAVONSKY by TKO (0:52 of Round 3)



Round 1: Jennings comes out trying to measure Dimitrenko’s range with his lead left hand. Dimitrenko tries to press forward with his bigger frame and Jennings has to slide off to angles to turn his opponent. Dimitrenko continues with a very basic approach, not throwing much other than a jab, but finally finds a moment to sneak in an uppercut. This was one of those feel0out rounds but I think Jennings mostly controlled the pace. Jennings 10-9.

Round 2: Jennings has decided to get in Dimitrenko’s chest a little more in this round and tries to work the body a little. Now Jennings leaps with a hook that misses and gets into a tie up with Dimitrenko. Dimitrenko throws two jabs that fall short. Jennings is circling the ring a little, turing Dimitrenko, and touches him to the body. Dimitrenko is jabbing but its not really landing. Jab lands for Jennings now though, who gets in a couple body shots before the bell. Close round I edged to Jennings. Jennings 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Jennings jabs to the body and then shoves Dimitrenko into the corner. Jennings lands a jabs to the face, then another on the taller opponent. Lead hook partially lands for Jennings. Now Jennings gets in two body shots. Jennings working when get gets Dimitrenko on the inside while Dimitrenko does nothing but hold. Jennings lands a hard jab just seconds before the bell rings. Jennings 10-9.

Round 4: Jennings comes forward right away and lands a left hand upstairs. Dimitrenko comes back with two jabs, landing the second. Jab lands for jenndings but then Dimitrenko lands a big right that drops Jennings! Flash knockdown! Jennings gets up and looks like he’s okay but that shocked him!. Now Dimitrenko is trying to come forward and lands some power shots. Big right hand lands for Dimitrenko, then Jennings lands a jab in response. Dimitrenko is like a different animal now that he knows he can hurt Jennings — he’s fight with more courage and purpose. Dimitrenko 10-8, 37-38.

Round 5: Jennings lands two right hands to the body right away. Dimitrenko tries a right hook that gets blocked. Another lead right hand to the body lands for Jennings. Jennings is working Dimitrenko on the inside, roughing him up and taking the fight out of Dimitrenko. Big left hook to the body lands for Dimitrenko. Hard uppercut lands again for Dimitrenko! Jennings walks throuw and throws a flurry of punches while Dimitrenko just holds. Jennings is just outworking Dimitrenko here. Jennings 10-9.

Round 6: Jennings come straight forward and lands a jab. Jennings steps foward again and throws a lead left hook that partially lands. Dimitrenko tries to fight Jennings off with a number of jabs but can’t keep up with the pace of Jennings. Left hook to the body lands for Dimitrenko, two follows up with a couple more punches. Dimitrenko tries to tie up Jenning but takes a gew ahrd body shots in return. Looking right hand lands on Dimitrenko who immediately grabs hold of Jennings. Close round I think Jennings hurt Dimitrenko at the end of that round. Jennings 10-9, 58-55.

Round 7: Dimitrenko comes out moving backwards and jabbing, circling the ring. Two Dimitrenko land on Jennings forearms. Left hand lands for Jennings. Dimitrenko falls to the mat in a short tangle which usually isn’t a good sign, to go down that easy. Right hand lands for Dimitrenko at the end of a short combination. Jennings walks to the side, puts his guard up, and presses Dimitrenko to the ropes. Jennings lands a left hook just before the bell rings. I still think Jennings is doing more of what he wants. Jennings 10-9.

Round 8: Jennings comes out jabbing to the body again. Left hook lands for Jennings. Dimitrenko gets in a right hand but now Jennings tries to charge Dimitrenko. Hard left hook puts Dimitrenko down! Jennings comes forward with an all out assault and batters Dimitrenko into another knockdown! Jennings gets wild and almost falls with a punch. Jennings still trying to find a way to end this fight with a big shot but Dimitrenko is able to hold on! Jennings 10-7, 78-71.

Round 9: Jennings comes out behind a high guard, looking for a place to land a fight-ending blow. Dimitrenko pops some backs and pushes Jennings back. Right hand is times well for Jenning and lands. Dimitrenko tries to hold on but Jennings is ready for it and sneaks in a hard uppercut that crumbles Dimitrenko! The referee waves it off. Jennings TKO-9.


Round 1: Hart comes out with a counter jab and then follows up with several more, establishing range at center ring. Both fighters look a little anxious early but Hart has the height and length on his size. Hart crowds Gavronski now though, lands a body shot and then both fighters exchange hooks. Hart tries a couple of overhand rights but Gavronski ducks down to get out of the way. Big right hand wobbles Gavronski and Hart lands two body shots before clubbing Gavronski to the canvas. Referee rules it a push or a slip, no knockdown. Hart 10-9.

Round 2: Gavronski has a big abrasion in the middle of his forehead. Start of the second and Hart is pressing forward behind a jab and then covers up while Gavronski tries to launch a counter attack. Hart lands another good body shot on Gavronski, then shortly thereafter lands two hard hooks on Gavronski’s guard. Gavronski going a little wild, knowing he’s on the verge of getting rolled over and nearly tackles Hart into the turnbuckle. Big right hand hands on the back of the head of a ducking Gavronski who then grabs hold of Hart. Hart 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Hart comes out with a number of jabs that keep Gavronski at range. Big right hand lands square on Gavronski and drops him this time! Gavronski gets up but Hart launches another quick attack that puts Gavronski down hard again! Gavronski gets up again but the referee doesn’t like the look in his eyes and waves it off. Hart TKO-3.

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