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De La Hoya: Sanchez only trains Golovkin in a limited style

Oscar De La Hoya breaks down his expectations for the Canelo-Golovkin rematch.

De La Hoya on if he thinks Canelo can dominate Golovkin in the rematch:

“Yeah, I absolutely think he can dominate the whole fight with no problem, and then go for the knockout. That’s exactly what he wants to do. I think the fact that Canelo only knows — actually Canelo knows several ways of fighting: boxing, moving, moving your head, lateral movement. Whatever he can do he wants to do up in the ring, he does it, and the fact that Golovkin only knows one style and that’s it, move forward and get hit a few times and then knock his opponents out, it’s very predictable.

“So I think Canelo’s gonna obviously change up his style and the only way he can change up his style is by being more aggressive, so it calls for a great fight.”

On Golovkin having one style of fighting:

“What I make of it is that, you know, his trainer [Abel Sanchez] doesn’t know what he’s doing. His trainer doesn’t know how to change it up because he doesn’t know how to train any other way but one style, which is very limited. I strongly think that Canelo has the huge advantage here. I think Canelo is going to take advantage of it and, you know, that’s why rematches are so important. That’s why rematches are so beautiful to watch, because you can see who the superior fighter is in the second time around. And I strongly feel that Canelo is a much more superior fighter.”

On the animosity between Canelo and Golovkin:

“Don’t you love it?! I love it!...It’s gonna be fireworks right from the start. It’s gonna be a continuation of the 12th round. I think the fact that they hate each other — I love that they hate each other, I love it! Oh my gosh — we’re gonna see a real fight.”

On if he’s planning for the winner of Lemieux-O’Sullivan to get the next shot at Canelo:

“Well nothing’s a guarantee. But obviously it depends on them. It depends on how great the fight is...If O’Sullivan looks great, or vice versa, and they can make an argument, then you have to take a look at that. So we’ll see but Canelo has ambitious plans. He wants to unify, he wants to fight the best — so it all depends on fighter’s performances.”

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