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Lemieux to Spike: ‘I’m gonna knock your goofy Popeye looking ass cold’

Twitter is fun for everyone, but especially when fighters get creative.

David Lemieux v Glen Tapia Photo by David Becker/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

With David Lemieux and Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan set to meet on the September 15 Canelo-Golovkin undercard in what should be an exciting action fight, the two men are using their time leading up to take shots on Twitter.

Well, O’Sullivan more than Lemieux, but Lemieux isn’t just staying silent, either.

Here’s one little barb from O’Sullivan, when he met a man who kinda-sorta looks like Lemieux:

I suppose in a sense, it’s nice that O’Sullivan is chalking up a previously unknown sibling to sperm donation rather than infidelity. But Lemieux threw a little bit back, and his was a bit more serious in nature:

I like this one because it lets us know that Lemieux’s basic plan in life for countering clever talk or intelligence is to punch someone out really bad with his mighty power. That’s the kind of thing I can get behind, as I am a pretty stupid person and wish I could throw hands like David Lemieux.

Anyway, this has been an update of “What Boxers are Doing on Social Media.”

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