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Ryan Garcia says he gave Gervonta Davis ‘a pass’ on sparring session

Garcia talks about his Twitter beef with the junior lightweight titleholder.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Golden Boy prospect Ryan Garcia talks about his online spat with Gervonta Davis and why the two never had that sparring match to settle their dispute. Check out what Garcia had to say...

Garcia on how he wants to balance trying to become one of the youngest world champions without rushing his career:

“What I meant by that meant like pay-per-view fight right away with like Gervonta Davis or something like that. I mean that fight will grow even bigger if I can just chill out. So it’s not that I don’t want to fight him, I just know business-wise I wouldn’t wanna do it right away. But world champion, hell yeah! Next fight I need to get that!”

On what happened with his beef with Gervonta Davis and why they never sparred after all:

“Well, I mean, he wrote something about me on Twitter...I woke up to it and was like ‘what the heck.’ And then I’m like ‘Aight, you address me, I’ll address you!’ So I went at him and he went back at me and was like ‘I’ma be in LA next week,’ I’m like ‘Aight, let’s see what you really about.’

“Then, I don’t know if he thought I wasn’t serious or not, but I [messaged] him on Instagram like ‘This is my gym address, let’s spar for real Monday,’ he’s like “alright, I’ll be there, we can go 10 rounds.’ I’m like ‘I don’t need no boxing match,’ I just wanted to go until somebody quits because what’s the point of having a boxing match if we’re not getting paid. I just wanna see who has the most heart.

“So that’s what happened. But then, honestly, I seen that he had a kid — he just had a newborn baby — so, you know, he gets a pass. I mean you gotta spend time with your newborn kid, it’s a blessing. Why would I be like ‘aight, now you gotta come,’ literally like a day after his kid was born? So let him enjoy his little time with his baby girl and then we can get it rockin’.”

“That’s gonna be one of the biggest fights of all time. I’m letting you know that right now. Like we can sellout big arenas and we can do great numbers. I mean, the possibility right there is endless. All we gotta do is win and look good.”

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