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Rios: Victor Ortiz fight will never happen!

Brandon Rios talks about the current state of his career and why a grudge match with Victor Ortiz will never come to pass.

Brandon Rios on how he’s doing and when we can expect to see him in the ring again:

“I been good, you know, I been training. I haven’t really had time off but I been training, feel great, and I think they’re talking about September 29th. It’s probably gonna be in Mexico somewhere with the guy from Argentina named Jose Carlos [Paz] — something like that. So, you know, just working our way up, you know what I mean? You gotta work that way up again.

“Hopefully get a good fight with this guy to end up with the big fight at the end of the year probably. Hopefully.”

On if he’s watched his fight against Danny Garcia and where he thinks he went wrong:

“Nothing. I think I done everything right, it was a great fight. I watched it, I think the only thing that I had a habit of doing is — and I been practicing and I been learning it now — throwing my jab and bringing it back down instead of bringing it back to my chin and that’s what he caught me with and it is what it is, it happens. But it’s a learning experience, you know what I mean.

“So yes, that’s what I been working on and that’s something I think I done wrong. Everything else, it was looking good...I can say I did not stay down. I got up. I was ready to fight again, even though I was hurt I was still ready to fight but the referee didn’t allow it so it kinda sucks but it is what it is...”

On if he considered retirement after this latest loss:

“Yeah I can relax and enjoy life but the fire is still in me. You know, I still have it. My mind and my heart says I have it. So that’s why I’m doing supposedly a tune-up fight, September 29th, to see how my body reacts, see how the body reacts to the fight. If my body says no, you know, I gotta second guess myself...but I’m ready, man...”

On who he would target next if he wins in this next outing, and if he’s still targeting Victor Ortiz:

“Nah. Victor has his own problems he gotta deal with, you know what I mean? He had opportunities. My last time...when I made a comeback in Lancaster, that was supposed to be against Ortiz but for some reason it didn’t happen. And then, before Danny fight, they mentioned his name again and for some reason it didn’t happen again because he probably overpriced himself or whatever it is...

“This fight in September is supposed to be with him but it’s not gonna happen because this guy got problems, you know what I mean. He’s got a fuckin’ what — I think he has a DUI charge on him — and I could be mistaken but I think he has like a rape charge on him too or something like that. I’m not for sure...But at the end of the day, like I said though, man, he got so much problems that he gotta take care of himself. That’s his shitty life, what can I say?! Fuck him and that fight’s dead! There’s no point for me trying to chase something that’s never gonna’s one of those fights that should’ve happened but never happened.”

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