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Tevin Farmer dominates Billy Dib to win IBF title in Australia

Tevin Farmer is finally, officially the IBF super featherweight champion.

Emmanuel Gonzalez v Tevin Farmer Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Tevin Farmer should have been crowned IBF super featherweight champion last December, when he was robbed in a decision against Kenichi Ogawa.

Today, he has the belt.

Farmer had to travel all the way to Australia to make it happen, but he defeated popular home fighter Billy Dib by wide decision to win the 130-pound belt on scores of 118-109, 119-108, and 120-107. BLH had the fight 120-107 for Farmer.

Farmer dropped Dib in the ninth round on a clean left hand, but Dib hung around in the bout and tried his best. He just didn’t have much to offer against the slicker, craftier American, and Dib never seemed to get out of the starting blocks in the bout.

“Billy Dib is a hell of a fighter, he’s had a hell of a career. A great fighter to win the belt against,” Farmer said. “He definitely tried to bully me, and I think if I was from somewhere else and not Philly, he’d have gotten over on me. But in Philly, we come ready and we’re born out of the womb to be ready for war.”

Asked about facing someone like Gervonta Davis, Farmer (26-4-1, 5 KO) was very clear.

“Nobody wanted to give me a shot. Everybody was ducking me and not wanting to give me an opportunity,” he said. “I had to kick the door in. Now I’ve got the belt, and everybody wants to scream my name. No more talking, send the fucking contract and the money on the table, and we can make it happen!”

Dib was congratulatory toward his opponent after the bout.

“Tevin Farmer, you’re a great champion,” he said. “I know you’re gonna be champion for a very long time. That was a hell of a fight. To all the fans, thank you very much for supporting me over my career.”

Dib (43-5, 24 KO) also announced his retirement from boxing.

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