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Roach: At least Mikey Garcia is calling out real fighters!

Freddie Roach offers his thoughts on Mikey Garcia calling for a fight with Errol Spence.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach gives his take on Mikey Garcia’s ambitous plans to move u a couple of divisions to take on Errol Spence...

Roach on Mikey Garcia saying he wants to move up to welterweight to fight Errol Spence:

“At least he picking fuckin’ real fighters! [Laughs]. You know, he’s not picking any girls out there...

“I think that it’s too much of a jump. I mean, let’s go one step at a a time and then we’ll see how we do in those fights and then that’ll dictate what happens at that [weight] because ‘47 is big. I mean and Spence is a great puncher. He can really hit.

“I like Errol Spence, he was one of my favorite guys when I was training the Olympic team that year and he was on that team and he was a great puncher.”

On if he knew back then that Spence would be an eventual world titleholder:

“Yes. Definitely. Then he knocked out Broner at the Olympic training center and — Broner didn’t go down, though, but the thing is he just didn’t know where he was for a little while. But the fight would’ve been stopped if was a real fight...[Caught him with a hook], but he leads with his power hand so that’s his power hand. He is a very good fighter, Spence, and he might be the best fighter in the world today...”

On if he thinks Pacquiao-Lomachenko would be a good match-up:

“Two guys with great footwork. I wanna see that fight, yeah. Yeah, I’d like to see that fight. Sure.”

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