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Angel Garcia: Shawn Porter can’t bring anything we haven’t seen before

The father/trainer of Danny Garcia breaks down their upcoming fight.

In this video interview during yesterday’s media day at the Danny Garcia camp, trainer Angel Garcia discusses what he sees in the lead up to the clash with Shawn Porter and what he thinks gives them the edge in the fight...

“They don’t have a structure...they never been through this! It’s new to them! They rookies! Bozo!”

On being accustomed to being in big fights:

“You gotta look at Kendall Holt who’s considered the craziest guy. He was knocking everybody out with hooks, leaving them sleep on the ropes. Danny sucked him up. And then Khan was supposed to destroy us — sucked him up. Matthysse was supposed to knock Danny out. Matthysse hit so hard that Matthysse flew Danny’s mouthpiece out...anybody else woulda been sleeping.

“So Danny’s been there before! He can’t bring nothing to the table that we haven’t seen before. The politics making us look like we gonna have a big fight...isn’t Vegas tired of losing money?! So you can’t listen to that shit. The thing is, I know Danny. And I’m not saying it because he’s my son, I’m saying ‘cause he’s a great fighter, bro. And people gotta respect that and people thinking Danny’s sweet.

“Danny gotta win rounds from the beginning [against Porter]...Use the jab, win rounds. And then after the third one Danny gonna start nailing him...We not running! We just gonna do some shit in front of him that Danny’s gonna do that [Porter’s] gonna say ‘Wow, I never had nobody do this to me before.’”

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