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Spike O’Sullivan: Lemieux doesn’t have a lot going on upstairs

Spike O’Sullivan is continuing to talk trash in his war of words with David Lemieux.

Anthony Joshua & Dillian Whyte Head-to-Head Press Conference Photo by Harry Engels/Getty Images

The undercard for the September 15 grudge match between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin is pretty solid, which isn’t always the case for a pay-per-view card.

One line of thinking is that since most folks are going to be tuning in because they are quite fired up to see the main event, the vast majority don’t care that much about the fights underneath.

Me, I’ve never embraced that line of thinking. Why not put on a whole slate of compelling matches? I use the restaurant analogy: the best joints know that it’s easier to gain repeat customers when everything, from the gratis bread to the salad starter, main course, sides and dessert, are all top-tier.

That said, there should be a solid array of starters and complimentary fare to enjoy at T-Mobile and for those tuning in on screens. The middleweight tussle between David Lemieux and Spike O’Sullivan should in all likelihood be a fan-friendly tango, because neither man is too fixated on defense.

There has been some rock-solid trash talk between the Canadian power puncher and the Irish banger. Spike continued the chatter on Friday, when he went on the Sirius show hosted by Randy Gordon and Gerry Cooney.

“I don’t fear his power,” the 28-2 man who almost nobody calls “Gary” said.

“I’ve been hit by heavier guys in the gym. Billy Joe Saunders actually recommended sparring partners that I’ve used for this fight. He doesn’t like Lemieux because Lemieux came up with crap excuses saying that he had an injury and that’s why BJS beat him. He was just making up excuses and BJS didn’t like that from Lemieux. He should have admitted he was beaten by the better man that night. BJS helped me out and recommended some sparring partners to get ready and I haven’t been on the canvas with any of them guys.”

O’Sullivan is promoted by Murphys Boxing and is 34 years old. He had this to say when asked about the 39-4 Lemieux promising to remove his head from his shoulders.

“Doesn’t make one bit of sense. I think he’s not the sharpest tool in the box. The last guy that said something to me like that I knocked out in one round. Lemieux might have the same fate. It’s a stupid statement. How are you gonna rip someone’s head off in a boxing match? It’s not an MMA match!”

O’Sullivan, whose best win to date came over Antoine Douglas in December of 2017, continued to take whacks at Lemieux.

“I don’t think he thinks very much at all and I think it’s apparent in his fights. Continuously does the same. I’ve watched numerous of his fights; same thing over and over in fights he’s won and lost. He doesn’t have an awful lot going upstairs, you know?”

The smack talk should be matched in intensity by the in the ring action, is my guess. Who wins and how, readers?

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