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Sergey Lipinets struggles but gets win over Erick Bone

It wasn’t a great welterweight debut for Lipinets.

Sergey Lipinets vs Akihiro Kondo Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

This probably wasn’t the sort of performance Sergey Lipinets was hoping for in his welterweight debut, but thanks to some house fighter-friendly scoring from two of the three ringside judges, Lipinets picked up the win tonight over Erick Bone.

Lipinets improved to 14-1 (10 KO) in his move to 147 pounds, winning on majority decision scores of 95-95, 98-92, and 99-91. Not that it matters much, but BLH had the fight 97-93 for Bone (20-6, 8 KO), who banked some early rounds on our card as Lipinets struggled to get going until the back half of the bout.

Lipinets, 29, was so unimpressive in this fight that it’ll be interesting to see if he and his team re-think this move to 147 pounds. He looked small compared to Bone, also 29, and had a hard time making his pressure tactics work against the naturally bigger man.

So we’ll see what’s next for Lipinets, but he was arguably quite lucky to get out of this fight with a win, against a guy who was signed up to be a stepping stone.

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