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Richardson: We knew Kovalev was no longer indestructible

Trainer Naazim Richardson gives his thoughts on Sergey Kovalev’s latest loss.

In this video interview captured by Fight Hub TV, trainer Naazim Richardson gives his immediate reaction to Sergey Kovalev’s stunning loss to Eleider Alvarez and what the outcome tells us about Kovalev.

On Kovalev’s loss to Alvarez:

“We knew Kovalev was no longer indestructible, Andre Ward taught us that. But as he taught us that as an audience he also taught a lot of other fighters that. And now a lot of fighters come in with that kind of motivation, that kind of interest, that kind of talent and he’s prepared for the process — [Alvarez] got the better of the work.”

On if it was just a lucky punch from Alvarez:

“It’s not a lucky punch ‘cause it was more of the kid’s attitude from the door. He took shots and he kept coming right back. He was unafraid and he was ambitious. Now what we gotta find out is, did Kovalev take him a little light and think I’ma get this guy after a couple rounds and then when he tried to get him he got a little winded?

“Now if that’s the case we may find out some things in the rematch...”

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