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Wilder: If I fight Breazeale I want his son to look into the eyes of the man who will cripple his daddy!

Deontay Wilder takes his savagery to a new level.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Deontay Wilder at least appears to be nearing a showdown with Tyson Fury in his next outing, he gets asked by Fight Hype about the possibility of him fighting Dominic Breazeale, who told a story earlier this year about their infamous run-in a couple years back...

Wilder on Breazeale calling him out to fight, saying he’s scared to face him because he’s angry about the hotel incident:

“Well we already know what Dominic Breazeale is doing — he’s trying to taunt me into fighting him, which is not working because of those can’t get me too upset, especially with your words, unless you can definitely do something. Like unless you fuckin’ wit my homie or something like that, then we good!

“You talking about me and throwing assaults at me?! That ain’t gonna get it because my mind is already made up on that Breazeale fight. And if it do happen [laughs], aw man, I’ma make sure he bring his son up on the stage to look the man in the eye that’s gonna cripple his daddy!

“I want them to look me in my eye! Because Breazeale’s whole story is so wrong, so twisted. He want people to feel sorry for him or whatever but it’s not gonna happen. The whole shit he talked about is straight bogus. Everything he talking about is not true...

“He don’t have to call my name and try to say things to make me fight. Dominic Breazeale, that fight is automatically, bro. Dominic Breazeale, you can keep what you got coming to you! Trust me!”

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