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Naazim Richardson breaks down Canelo-Golovkin 2

The trainer talks about what differences he expects to see in the rematch this weekend.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview caught by our friends at Fight Hub TV, respected trainer Naazim Richardson takes a moment to assess this weekend’s rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. Check out what he thinks will make a difference in this sequel...

Richardson on the the Canelo-Golovkin rematch:

“Canelo did some things we saw in the first fight that could lead us to believe if he can continue that trait throughout that he can dominate GGG. Well, nobody’s gonna dominate him ‘cause GGG is fighting like he has two 5lb weights on the end of his wrists. GGG hurt anything he hit.

“He hit Canelo [but] Canelo took them shots, man. Canelo stood up to them shots. But Canelo’s combinations and movement in the beginning of the fight was very impressive. If he follows that pattern, I’m not sure GGG has an answer.

“Here’s one thing I do say, though — GGG was an Olympian, and I know from my experience every Olympian can fight more than one way, whether they show it to you or not. ‘Cause it’s hard to become an Olympian and go through all that fighting and reach that level just fighting one way. So every Olympian — don’t be surprised whenever you see an Olympian who’s known to be a puncher, they start boxing, when you start seeing them move. They found that out with guys like Cotto — they can do different things.

“But I would tip my hat to Canelo in the rematch with GGG. But like I said, GGG carries that eraser, so he can get all the problems wrong and still change it at the end of the test. But I think Canelo knows that too.

“So guys like [Sergey] Kovalev and GGG — and I said that before Ward fought Kovalev, I said Kovalev’s gonna win but he’s gonna have to get off the ground to do it. And the reason why I said that, their power is shocking. But like anything — you’ve seen football teams, they come out with a shocking offense — once it’s no longer shocking if they don’t make adjustments it’s a countdown...So when Ward went in there the second time, the right hand didn’t surprise him the same way.

“And this is the same thing. I don’t think Canelo’s gonna be as shook from the power of GGG as he was the first time. And that could be the difference.”

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