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Team Golovkin talks contaminated meat, suspect gloves

Gennady Golovkin and Abel Sanchez talk about all of the “scandals” surrounding Canelo Alvarez.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During Gennady Golovkin’s media scrum, the fighter and his trainer talk to reporters about the controversies that have been surrounding Canelo Alvarez, tainted meat, and suspect gloves. Check out some excerpts below...

Golovkin on frequently using the world ‘scandal’ in reference to Canelo, and if he doesn’t think there’s a chance that he just accidentally ingested contaminated meat which led to his previously failed drug tests:

“I’m not believe him...I don’t believe his stories about contaminated meat. And experts and pharmaceutical experts actually determined that it was doping...I think it’s all nonsense. I don’t like to hear these kind of stories about contaminated meat.”

On why he would fight Canelo again if he’s convinced he’s a cheater:

“I say every time I’m ready for anybody. For me it doesn’t matter...I’m ready for fight...Just I’m ready for him bring doping, him don’t use doping, you know? If commission brings him, I’m ready. If commission not bring him, ok, no fight.”

Abel Sanchez on their issue regarding the way the Nevada commission allowed Canelo to wrap his hands in the first fight:

“Here in Nevada they seem to accept stacking, which everybody in the boxing business knows it’s illegal way of wrapping hands...but because Nevada allows it and the rules are very vague, there’s not more I can say about not accepting that. But I will say, though, there is rules in their bylaws that says that you’re allowed to use a maximum of 12 feet of 2-inch tape, which in turn would be say 24 [feet] of 1-inch tape.

“If you look at the video where I protested, they used the whole roll on the first layer — which is 30 feet. And they used another roll on the top layer which is another 30 feet! So, to me, that’s more close to 50-60 feet. I am questioning that and Tom [Loeffler] and I have had discussions about that with Mr. Bennett. I want those rules followed. We’re gonna follow ‘em — we’re gonna follow the rules!

“I want that talked about now! I don’t wanna wait until we’re in the dressing room. I don’t wanna disrupt their concentration. What I’d like to do is get it resolved now because it is 24 feet. It it’s vague it’s vague, I understand that, but if it’s in the rules then follow the rules, specifically.”

Sanchez on what he made of Canelo trying to use custom made gloves in this rematch:

“You know, everybody blames me for turning them down — I didn’t turn them down. On Wednesday when Tom and the Golden Boy people had their walk-through of the venue, Tom calls me Wednesday afternoon and says ‘if you wanna see the gloves drive up tonight from Big Bear.’ I stopped the training, didn’t train that day with him — somebody else worked with him — and I came to Vegas to be told when I got here that the Golden Boy people objected to me looking at them by myself.

“So we made an appointment for the next week on a Thursday. I believe on Tuesday or Wednesday Tom gets an email from Mr. Bennett telling him that they refused the gloves — they’re not gonna allow them to use the gloves. So for me to turn ‘em down I gotta look at ‘em first. But I understood that just last Saturday we had a fight at The Forum where the commissioner in California said they turn ‘em down for any fight in California...”

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