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Abel Sanchez: ‘Ginger’ Canelo has to want to win, not just survive

Abel Sanchez discusses Saturday’s big Canelo-GGG rematch.

It’s almost time to cease the talking, and let the fists flying sort it out.

But we got a couple days left of chatter, so in that vein, we note that today we heard Canelo Alvarez, the 28-year-old Mexican sensation, who now has something to prove, that he’s not a PED user and he can down Gennady Golovkin while clean and VADA-scrutinized, call GGG a “slow fighter.”

Hmm, we wondered how that sat with GGG trainer Abel Sanchez. You know he pulls no punches.

“Speed is only relevant when you can’t avoid it, both guys have qualities, the question is who will be able to dictate their fight,” he answered.

I followed up with “Honest” Abel, who has been a master ring general at looking to get under the skin of the redhead, whom he has dubbed “Ginger.”

Question: is it possible this fight hinges on what athlete adapts better to what they saw from the other guy in the first fight? In essence, the one who is the better pure boxer, because they are better at analyzing the other guy’s traits, and better at knowing what will work better the second time around? We could use Andre Ward as an example, against Kovalev.

“It’s like the test and you already have the answers, Ginger has to want to win, not just survive the 12 rounds. GGG is the undefeated unified champion and Ginger is the challenger and he has to try and beat the champion,” Abel said.

Fans, what say you? Do you think this fight hinges on who is the better at dissecting what they saw, what they did in the first match, and then tweaking their game to get a resounding W this time around? Or do you more so think that Father Time’s claws will have dug into GGG over the last year, and he will get hit even more by Canelo this time, a Canelo who lives up to his promise to be more of a gunslinger?

Listen to Woods’ podcast here. Former heavyweight contender Jameel McCline admits he used PEDs back in the day.

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