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O’Sullivan: I’m gonna bring the fight to Lemieux and he’s gonna quit!

Gary O’Sullivan talks about his big fight against David Lemieux and wanting a shot at the Canelo-Golovkin winner.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this media scrum caught by Fight Hub TV, middleweight Gary O’Sullivan talks about this Saturday’s fight against David Lemieux on the Canelo-Golovkin undercard in a bout that could wind up stealing the show. Check out what he had to say...

O’Sullivan on his fight with Lemieux:

“It’s the biggest card of the year and I’m looking forward to a capturing performance and cementing my place to fight the winner of Canelo-Golovkin. I wanna put on a true statement and show the fans that I’m truly worthy of fighting the winner of Canelo-Golovkin when I absolutely destroy Lemieux on Saturday. I’m gonna finish his career.”

On if he has any concern about Lemieux coming in heavy for this fight:

“I’m not afraid of him, for all I care he can come in one stone heavy. It doesn’t matter, you know, he’s a limited boxer. In every department I’m better than him so it doesn’t matter what he does.”

On Lemieux saying that he’s the limited fighter:

“My reaction is he must’ve been looking in the mirror when he was talking because he described himself. I have many different styles...he’s had all 40 fights and he still does the same shit over and over again. It’s pretty crap.”

On not having fought deep into a fight in a while and if he’s prepared for that:

“I think that there’s no question that I have the greater stamina of the two fighters. I’m definitely the fitter man here so, no, I won’t be concerned about that. Lemieux is known for gassing himself and that doesn’t concern me in the least.”

On Billy Joe Saunders giving him advice on fighting Lemieux and what he told him:

“He told me what sparring partners to bring in. I’ve used the same sparring partners as Billy Joe Saunders did and he doesn’t like Lemieux because Lemieux — as I mentioned before — he’s a dishonest man. He was beat fair and square by Billy Joe Saunders like myself, but I went to Billy Joe Saunders backyard and I gave him a better fight than Lemieux did in his very own yard...Lemieux, he wasn’t man enough to admit he was beat by the better man on the night, he came up with lame excuses of injury, this and that. He’s a shit-talker at the end of the day and he’s doing the same — he’s talking a lot of crap about this fight as well and I look forward to meeting him in the ring on Saturday night seeing what he’s all about then.”

On not having the same style Saunders and being a come forward fighter himself:

“I’m a better boxer than David Lemieux, a better fighter. I’ve got a bigger heart, the better chin. He’s been down a couple times on the canvas, I’ve never ever been down — never even came close to being down my whole career. He’s a quitter also. I didn’t know too much about him prior to this fight, I’ve watched him against Billy Joe Saunders but I’ve looked at fights of his obviously, that I’m fighting him. I’ve watched him against, say for example, against Marco Antonio Rubio — he just quit on that night. He got caught with a shot on the side of the head and he went down and he wouldn’t get back up. He’s a quitter and on Saturday night it’s gonna be no different. I’m gonna bring the fight to him and he’s gonna quit.”

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