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Lemieux: O’Sullivan looks like he beats women!

David Lemieux talks about this weekend’s action-fight against Gary O’Sullivan.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During the final press conference for Canelo-Golovkin 2, David Lemiuex, who will be taking on Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan on the undercard, talks a bit about the match up and his expectations for the fight.

Lemieux on what he sees in this fight with O’Sullivan:

“His style, his aggression is gonna come at me — I’m stronger and more powerful and more explosive than he is. He’s a very ordinary type of fighter. He’s strong but nothing more than that...I’m not gonna have a problem with him.”

On O’Sullivan trash talking him throughout the promotion:

“I think he’s scared. He’s talked a lot of shit, he’s a garbage talker, he’s not a humble guy — I’m gonna humble him on Saturday.”

On if he thinks this fight goes past three rounds:

“He’s a tough guy so he might make it through five rounds, so we’ll see...It’s definitely not going the distance. I’m not gonna let him go the distance, but I wanna torture him a bit before. I want to damage him for life.”

On why O’Sullivan has him so wound up:

“Yeah, I wanna cut his head off. He’s very disrespectful guy, he has no class...but, you know what, I’m staying focused but it’s against him to put fuel on the fire. I’m just gonna be much more dangerous towards him in the fight. I’ma give him a lot less mercy, let’s say.”

On how he views the main event between Canelo and Golovkin:

“It’s gonna be a very interesting fight, Canelo’s a very hungry fighter, Golovkin’s a great fighter, so it’s gonna be a good fight. I think it’s gonna be interesting. It’s hard to judge at the moment. I seen Canelo, he’s a lot smaller this fight, Golovkin is Golovkin, so we’re gonna see — I think Canelo always has a shot to knock anybody out...”

On if he wants a shot at the winner:

“I definitely would like to fight Canelo and GGG. I need my revenge against Golovkin. He once fought me as his peak, I also want to fight him at my peak. So definitely there is unfinished business between him and I, and Canelo too is a great fighter...First let me knock O’Sullivan out — the big mouth — and then we’ll see.”

On how he rates O’Sullivan as a fighter:

“Antoine Douglas [who O’Sullivan beat] didn’t pass his medical test for that fight. So he fought a fighter that wasn’t in any condition to be fighting in the first place. And his last fight he fought a 147-pounder — a welterweight. So he’s fighting a real man right now, so it’s gonna be a different thing. He’s a big lion when it’s a smaller opposition towards him, and weaker, but now when it’s a stronger opposition let’s see how he reacts. If he’s the real deal he’s gonna beat me.”

On if he’s ever crossed paths with O’Sullivan in the past:

“He asked me for a picture and I said yeah. I didn’t know him back then...I said yeah like any other fan I would give a picture to. He seemed like — he didn’t open his mouth so I didn’t know him. Now he opens his mouth and I can see what kind of trashy guy he is. I’ll take care of him on Saturday.

“To tell you the truth, when I heard the story that he beat his ex-girlfriend...any man that beats a woman is a coward. But there’s always circumstances, if that’s the case [that he didn’t do it and the charges were dropped] then ok, no problem, but he looks like the type to beat women.”

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