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Canelo vs GGG 2: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin finally meet again tonight in Las Vegas.

fTonight at 8 pm ET on HBO pay-per-view from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, a year of talk and increasingly nasty hype comes to an end as Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin square off in a long-awaited rematch.

Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KO) and Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KO) met last September and went to a highly controversial and much debated draw. Their scheduled May rematch was scrapped when Canelo failed drug tests. But now they’re ready to go, with Golovkin’s WBA and WBC middleweight titles on the line, in a fight that could be legacy-defining for the victor.

There will be a three-fight televised undercard first. In the opener, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (46-2, 38 KO) looks to shake off two straight losses as he takes on Moises Fuentes (25-5-1, 14 KO) in a 10-round super flyweight bout. After that, middleweights David Lemieux (39-4, 33 KO) and Spike O’Sullivan (28-2, 20 KO) meet to end their own pretty nasty rivalry. And in the featured undercard bout, Jaime Munguia (30-0, 25 KO) defends the WBO junior middleweight title against Brandon Cook (20-1, 13 KO).

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call. Join us for a big night of boxing!


  • CANELO ALVAREZ def. GENNADY GOLOVKIN by MD (114-114, 115-113, 115-113)
  • DAVID LEMIEUX def. GARY ‘SPIKE’ O’SULLIVAN by KO (2:44 of Round 1)
  • ROMAN GONZALEZ def. MOISES FUENTES by KO (1:44 of Round 5)



Round 1: Golovkin comes out center ring and feints before throwing a jab. Now Canelo counters Golovkin’s jab with his own. Canelo and Golovkin trade jabs again. Golovkin lands a couple more jabs now as the fighters feel each other out a little, seeing what wrinkles they might throw at one another. Two long jabs score for Canelo. Canelo comes with a hook but Golovkin catches it. Both fighters continue to trade jabs and Golovkin’s might be landing a little harder. Golovkin touches Canelo with a measuring jab and then moves off to an angle, taking his time and looking for openings. I think Golovkin’s jab was better in a battle of the jabs. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 2: Golovkin stalks forward behind a jab but Canelo explodes with two of his own. Both fighters trade jabs again but Golovkin lands with more authority. Canelo lands a hard shot on Golovkin! Three punch combination lands for Canelo! Now Canelo lands a counter to the body. The crowd goes crazy for Canelo. Golovkin’s face is marked by a Canelo punch. Hard uppercut to the body lands for Canelo. Now Golovkin lands a nice left hook upstairs. Canelo lands two jabs to end the round. Canelo 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Golovkin tries a counter right that just misses. Now Golovkin sneaks in a nice uppercut on the inside. Both fighters trade hooks and both land! Golovkin misses big on a right hand. Jab lands for Canelo, who has been standing his ground more than the first fight. Golovkin paws with a jab but Canelo moves his head to evade the probing shots. Both fighters trade hooks again as Canelo is walking forward on Golovkin. This is a toss up round I think. I edge it to Golovkin ever so slightly. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 4: Golovkin throws a three punch combination and lands a body shot. Canelo fires back with several punches to the body and head. Now Canelo lands a nice left hook on Golovkin’s head. Golovkin lands three jabs and then an uppercut! Canelo jabs to the body and Golovkin continues to stick behind his stiff jab. Canelo is almost Walking down Golovkin in this fight, which isn’t what anyone I would expect. Both fighters get into a quick skirmish but neither land clean. Body shot lands for Canelo. Canelo lands a jab just after the bell and the fighters stare each other down. I think this is another Golovkin round based on his effective jab. Golovkin 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Golovkin misses on a big right hand that follows a jab. Now Golovkin lands the jab and Canelo just misses on the hook. Canelo misses big on a left hook but then lands the follow up right hand! Golovkin jabs and pivots as Canelo tries to walk him down. Golovkin misses on a big hook, Canelo misses on the counter opportunity. Hard jab lands for Canelo. Golovkin lands two in response. Three punches come from Canelo, two land to the body. Yikes! Another close round, but I still think Golovkin’s jab is difference maker, even though Canelo is coming forward. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 6: Canelo lands a jab and then a hook to the body. Golovkin peppers the jab again and then Canelo lands an uppercut to the body. The fighters trade jabs at center right now and Canelo tries to get a hook afterwards that glances off Golovkin’s shoulder. Body shot come from Canelo. Another left to the body comes from Canelo. Both fighters punching and Canelo keeps digging to the body of Golovkin. Canelo 10-9, 56-58.

Round 7: Canelo pops the jab first. Now Golovkin gets one in. Canelo responds again and follows it up with a combination to the body. Canelo steps forward with punches to the body as Golovkin lands a hook upstairs. Golovkin lands a jab but Canelo lands a hook to the body again. Several jabs come from Golovkin as Canelo takes a breather but then Canelo explodes again with a couple of his own. Hard left to the body lands again for Canelo. This fight is the story of Golovkin’s jab vs. Canelo’s power punches. Right hand land for Canelo but Golovkin responds at the end. I think Canelo just edged it in yet another close round. Canelo 10-9.

Round 8: Golovkin comes out looking to go on the offensive. Canelo takes the play away from him and starts his own combination. Both fighters are trading shots at close quarters! Jav lands for both fighters. Short right hook lands for Canelo. Left hook lands for Golovkin upstairs. Canelo takes it and walks forward and throws to the body. Jab lands for Canelo, Golovkin nods. Right hand lead lands for Canelo. Jab lands for Canelo but Canelo has a small cut around his left eye. Golovkin 10-9, 77-75.

Round 9: Canelo comes out with several uppercuts to the head and body. Hard left to the body lands for Canelo. Right hook to the body lands for Canelo. Canelo gids two body shots on the inside, getting underneath Golovkin’s shots. Jab lands for Canelo now, who avoids Golovkin’s counter. Hook to the liver lands again for Canelo, who continues to walk forward on Golovkin. Two more shots land for Canelo, thi has been a good round for him. Golovkin lands a hook and then Canelo complains about an accidental head clash. Canelo 10-9.

Round 10: Canelo parries a jab from Golovkin to start the round. Golovkin lands a short uppercut on the inside and then Canelo comes back with a flurry and starts working Golovkin! Right hand grazes Canelo who then partially lands a counter. Hard right hand lands clean on Canelo! GOLOVKIN THINKS HE HAS CANELO HURT! Canelo weaves Golovkin’s onslaught and is able to keep from taking any other big shots. Now Canelo throws two shots to show that he wasn’t hurt. Jab lands for Canelo, Golovkin goes for a hook to the body. Jab lands clean for Golovkin, who now has Canelo’s nose bleeding. Left hook lands for Canelo, but Golovkin comes back with a strong jab at the end. Golovkin landed the single biggest shot of the round. Golovkin 10-9, 96-94.

Round 11: Canelo slips an early Golovkin attack to start the round. Both fighters are a little fatigued by the pace of this fight and now Canelo is back on the move for the first time in the fight. It’s short-lived though, as he stands center ring and trades shots with Golovkin. Left hook lands for Golovkin. Golovkin lands several jabs in succession. Canelo goes for a chopping overhand right that partially lands. Canelo walks forward and twos two shots and Golovkin shakes his head. Canelo lands a counter uppercut to the body. I think Canelo nicks the round on his activity and aggression. Canelo 10-9.

Round 12: Both fighters come out and Golovkin lands a big hook right away. Golovkin wants to make a point to finish this fight. Canelo steps forward with four punches and then Canelo slips to the canvas. Both fighters are trading at center right at a furious pace! Canelo throws a combination and is trying to outwork Golovkin. Both fighters trade again and Canelo gets in the best punch to the body. Canelo walks forward again with a couple of short uppercuts on the inside. Golovkin is bleeding over his left eye! Canelo walks forward and Golovkin lands an overhand right. The fighters embrace at the bell! Ugh! YET ANOTHER TOUGH ROUND TO SCORE. I’m going to edge it to Canelo with the cleanest shots I remember of the round. Canelo 10-9. I’ve got it a draw, 114-114.


Round 1: Cook walks in and tries to press Munguia early. That’s short-lived though, and now Munguia is looking to lead the action. Cook throws a couple of jabs that can’t find the target. Munguia jabs to the body. Munguia tries a huge overhand right that whiffs! Now Munguia lands a hard left to the body which is suspected to be a little low. Now Munguia lands a solid hook to the body without question. Right hand lands over the top of Cook’s extended jab. Hard shots land for Munguia and shake Cook up! Munguia gets warned for hitting behind the head. Munguia assaults Cook with a barrage of punches to end the round. Munguia 10-9.

Round 2: Munguia opresses forward but Cook tries to fight Munguia off of him. My lord, Munguia looks at least a full division larger than cook in the ring. More hard shots land for Munguia and Cook is under duress. Munguia tries an ill-advised uppercut from long range which predictably misses. Cook lowes his head and tries to walk forward behind punches but Munguia has much more firepower. Hard right hand lands overtop for Munguia. Cook is covering up but is trapped in a corner and taking punishment. Munguia 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Cook’s trainer is asking him to push Munguia backwards but that could be a tough ask since Munguia is just much bigger and more powerful. Another barrage of punches crumble Cook to the canvas! Cook gets up but he’s in trouble, the referee says he’ll give him a chance. More hard shots have Cook overwhelmed on the ropes and the referee jumps in to save him! It’s over! Munguia TKO-3.


Round 1: Lemieux comes out quick eight a right hook, then a left hook while O’Sullivan lands one as well. Lemieux throws another hard left hook as O’Sullivan tries to cover up. Three jabs come from Lemieux as O’Sullivan backs away. Hard left hook to the body lands for Lemieux and O’Sullivan grunts. Lemieux throws three more punches, ending with a hook upstairs that partially lands. Now O’Sullivan lands two jabs that makes Lemieux stumble for just a moment. PERFECTLY TIMED LEFT HOOK DROPS O’SULLIVAN HARD! O’SULLIVAN IS TRYING TO GET UP SLOWLY BUT HE’S INCAPACITATED! GRAB ANOTHER BODY BAG! IT’S OVER! LEMIEUX KO-1.


Round 1: Fuentes comes out with a jab to the head and then to the body. Gonzalez responds with by trying to counter the jab with one of his own. Now Gonzalez lands one clean, then tries to double it up. Fuentes tries to go back down to the body, this time with a right hand. Gonzalez fires back with a three—punch combination that ends with a solid hook to the body. Fuentes tries to counter the jab with a right hand but can’t find the mark. Jab, jab, right hand lands for Gonzalez. Fuentes responds by throwing two down to the body, maybe one partially lands. I like Gonzalez in the opening round. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 2: Fuentes measures with a jab but Gonzalez counters withe a solid left hand. Both fighters trade punches at center ring. Gonzalez tries to double up on the left uppercut and connects with the first. Now Fuentes has a bad cut over his right eye! Gonzalez lands a sharp combination with Fuentes on the ropes. Right hand lands for Gonzalez, then a jab. Fuentes is bleeding a bunch right into his eye. Fuentes misses eight a wide right hook to the body and Gonzalez makes him pay, throwing a short flurry of punches. Gonzalez doubles up the left again to the head and body and finds the mark. Fuentes already looks like he’s been through a 12 round brawl. Gonzalez 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: The size of Fuentes’ cut isn’t even that big, but it’s leaking at a good rate. Turns out the cut came from an accidental head clash. Fuentes lands a solid jab and then tries to whip in a hard hook that just misses. Gonzalez pops the jab, mixes in a left uppercut. Fuentes and Gonzalez take turn throwing body shots but Gonzalez gets in the cleaner ones. Fuentes paws at his eye as the blood continues to drip into it. Fuentes’ vision is clearly compromisd and nearly took a knee to the canvas. Fuentes’ nose is all busted up now too. Three punch combination lands for Gonzalez. Fuentes is in trouble. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 4: Gonzalez sticks in a stiff jab between the gloves. Left hook to the body lands for Gonzalez, then one lands for Fuentes which makes Gonzalez hunch over for a second. Gonzalez rattles off another combination and is landing effective punches. Straight right lands for Gonzalez. Fuentes stuck on the ropes again and Gonzalez is taking advantage to let combinations go. Hard right hand lands to the body for Fuentes. Gonzalez responds with another combination that lands on Fuentes. Gonzalez 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Fuentes lands a right hand to the body at the end of a combination. Now Fuentes lands a couple jabs. Gonzalez stalks forward, backs Fuentes to the ropes, and lets go a couple of quick combinations. HARD RIGHT LANDS ON THE CHIN AND SLUMPS FUENTES! TAG ‘EM & BAG ‘EM! FUENTES IS OUT! Gonzalez KO-5.

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