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Will we see Joshua vs Wilder in April?

As much as boxing fans want it, it just might not happen.

Boxing at Windsor Park Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

I see a bunch of people getting their hopes up and I’m here to dash ‘em.

OK, not dash ‘em, but help reset your expectations to a reasonable place.

If you are thinking, after hearing our man Anthony Joshua ask the fans in Wembley who they want to see him fight next, and if you think that Deontay Wilder would win a poll and thus he’s a given to get that Wembley date against Joshua, then let me set you straight.

I’m dubious of that.

On Saturday night, a Tweet went round which had Tyson Fury’s trainer quoted as saying both Tyson AND Deontay have rematch clause, meaning that Fury and Wilder will engage in a two-fer of sorts. They are to clash December 1 and then, it would seem, do it again. When? Maybe after a four months or so, say, April?

Can you confirm, I asked Shelly Finkel, who is the public face leading negotiations for the Alabama boxer, who holds the WBC heavyweight strap? That would make April 13 a no-go for Deontay then, right, Shelly?

“Right now Deontay is fighting Fury,” the NYC resident Finkel, with 40 years in the business, answered. “If there is a real offer from Joshua, then at that time we will discuss our options. We think he is going to fight Dillian Whyte, so nothing to discuss there either.”

So, you get the lay of the land? Team Deontay is saying they just don’t think April date will have their name on it. Now, Finkel did not explicitly address the rematch on both sides setup, so not sure what to think there.

But I just think the timing is off. Do we expect Team AJ to negotiate with Wilder for an April 13 scrap as Wilder counts down to a near coinflip fight with defensive ace Tyson Fury? Does that make mucho sense to you? Check out this video, and hear Eddie Hearn and AJ talk about their possibe next; this is from the postfight press conference, in the basement of Wembley.

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