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Vasyl Lomachenko teaches tricks of the trade

Lomachenko demonstrates some of the tactics he uses to combat the different styles he faces in the ring.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Want to box like pound-for-pound fighter Vasyl Lomachenko? That might be a stretch, but Vasyl Lomachenko does take some time to go through a short tutorial of some of the moves he likes to use in the ring against different styles of boxers.

To begin Lomachenko demonstrates how he likes to manipulate boxers who love to come forward behind a high guard. Lomachenko shows a little maneuver where he positions himself to pull down the opponent’s lead hand so that he can land a hook right behind it. He then displays how this move can be used against either hand of the opponent to create openings for offense.

Then, demonstrating a move against fighters who like to fight behind a long reach and extended arms, Lomachenko shows how he uses his own hand placement to create opportunities. Lomachenko makes sure to place his hand on top of the opponent’s lead hand, then forces it downwards so he can land another hook behind the guard. He also shows how the very same move can be used to set up a straight to the body as well.

Finally Lomachenko goes through some footwork positioning, demonstrating the most effective way to pivot around opponents while still maintaining complete balance.

Check out the video above to learn a thing or two!

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