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Uzcategui vs Maderna: Live streaming results and round-by-round coverage

Jose Uzcategui and Jerwin Ancajas return to action on tonight’s ESPN+ card.

Top Rank

Tonight at 10:30 pm ET streaming live on ESPN+ from Oakland, it’s a Top Rank doubleheader anchored by Jose Uzcategui and Jerwin Ancajas.

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call this evening.

In the main event, super middleweight titleholder Uzcategui (27-2, 23 KO) will face Ezequiel Maderna (26-4, 16 KO) in a light heavyweight non-title fight set for 10 rounds. It’s a stay-busy fight for Uzcategui on paper, with the titleholder simply having no one else to fight at the moment in a bigger bout, and not wanting to stay on the shelf. Maderna isn’t a bum or anything, but figures to be overmatched here.

The co-feature is the one most people will be tuning in to see, probably, as Ancajas (30-1-1, 20 KO) defends his IBF super flyweight title against Alejandro Santiago (16-2-4, 7 KO). Ancajas is the heavy favorite here, and is promising a better fight than we saw from him last time out, when he mostly had to grind out a win over Jonas Sultan.


  • JOSE UZCATEGUI def. EZEQUIEL MADERNA by UD (98-92, 100-90, 100-90)
  • JERWIN ANCAJAS and ALEX SANTIAGO fight to a Split Draw (116-112 Ancajas, 118-111 Santiago, 114-114)



Round 1: Uzcategui walks right in on Maderna and lands a stiff left hand. Uzcategui looking to mix it up right away and Maderna has to fight Uzcategui off of him already. Hard jab lands again for Uzcategui. Cuffing hook lands for Maderna. Uzcategui lands a jab to the body and then two hard shots pierce the guard of Maderna. Left hook lands for Uzcategui to the body. Uzcategui 10-9.

Round 2: Uzcategui looks for a big right hand but just misses. Jab lands for Uzcategui now. Hard jab to the body lands for Uzcategui, who is just getting into his rhythm and pick his power shots. Maderna partially lands a right hand lead. Uzcategui’s power shots push Maderna back. Uzcategui is landing with much more authority. Uzcategui just touches Maderna on the ropes as Uzcategui goes into a tight shell. Hard jab lands for Uzcategui, followed by a right hand. Uzcategui 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Right hand lead lands for Uzcategui, then two hard hooks which snaps Maderna’s head around! Uzcategui looking to finish this fight already, and is damaging Maderna with some big shots. Uzcategui walks Maderna down now, showing no respect for what Maderna has to offer. Hard shot from Uzcategui draws “oohs” from the crowd. Two more hooks land for Uzcategui while Maderna gets in one of his own. Uzcategui walks in with his hands down, almost taunting Maderna. Maderna is completely overmatched here, as expected. Uzcategui 10-9.

Round 4: Uzcategui is smiling ear to ear in between round, he’s having a ton of fun in this showcase fight. Uzcategui lands a short counter right to start the round. Uzcategui continue to walk down Maderna but is showing some patience with picking the shots he wants to throw. Right hand, left hook lands for Uzcategui. Hard left hook lands for Maderna, his best shot of the fight! Uppercut lands for Uzcategui. I just get the sense Uzcategui knows he could end this fight whenever he wants and he just wants to take his time and have fun with this fight. Jab lands for Uzcategui with Maderna along the ropes. Two wild shots miss now from Uzcategui tho. Uzcategui 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Uzcategui walks right in and looks to land a left hand on Maderna. Uzcategui pokes Maderna with a couple shots and continues to keep Maderna along the ropes, all over the ring. Right hand lead lands for Uzcategui, then another one. Jab lands for Uzcategui. Hard left hand stuns Maderna momentarily. Another right hand from Uzcategui finds the mark. Uzcategui is fighting this fight in dominant, yet casual manner. It’s almost like he doesn’t really want to punish Maderna too much. Uzcategui 10-9.

Round 6: Uzcategui gets Maderna in the corner right away and starts working on the inside with Maderna. Hard right hand lands for Uzcategui! Three more punches from Uzcategui land on Maderna. This round is more of the same for Uzcategui, who is in full control but won’t seem to step it up to put an end to a one-sided contest. Uzcategui 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Uzcategui lands another right hand lead, then two hooks followed by another right hand. Uzcategui stalks Maderna and lands some more hard shots and the damage appears to be accumulating on Maderna. Stiff jab lands for Uzcategui. Uzcategui lets Maderna land three straight punches on him while he keeps his hands down. Uzcategui then walks forward again and throws a few shots with Maderna trapped on the ropes. Right hand lead lands for Uzcategui just before the bell rings. Uzcategui 10-9.

Round 8: Uzcategui throws three left hooks that partially land on Maderna. The announcing team isn’t thrilled with Uzcategui’s casual approach to this fight. Now ever the crowd is booing at the lack of action, or sense of urgency from Uzcategui. Uzcategui is still dominating, but he’s in with an overmatched opponent and he’s just toying with him rather than getting him out of there. Uzcategui 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: This fight should’ve been over five rounds ago. Uzcategui’s corner urges him to step it up. Uzcategui walks forward, lands a jab, then a right hand on the end of a combination. Uzcategui starts throwing a flurry of punches now and has Maderna completely on the defensive. Left hand lands for Uzcategui on the inside. One-two lands for Uzcategui, but the crowd still boos. Uppercut lands and Maderna can really only cover up to try to protect himself. Uzcategui 10-9.

Round 10: Last round. Uzcategui backs Maderna back to the ropes again and takes the same measured approach of occasionally jabbing, probing, and toying with Maderna. Maderna lands a right hand to the body. This wasn’t the fight anybody expected. I can’t tell is Uzcategui is just fighting down to his competition or what. There’s no real fire there. More boos come from the crowd. Uzcategui 10-9, 100-90.


Round 1: Santiago comes out with a quick jab that gets parried by Ancajas. Now Santiago lands a good jab right over Ancajas’ lead shoulder. Ancajas, who fights from a southpaw stance, tries a big left hand that falls short. Ancajas goes down to the body with a left hand this time. Santiago tries a counter hook but can’t find the target, but then follows it up with a right hand. Lead right hand partially lands for Santiago. Santiago leads with a one-two combination which grazes Ancajas. I like Santiago in this round, he seems to have a good game plan so far. Santiago 10-9.

Round 2: Ancajas starts out with a straight left that lands but Santiago pulled back enough to take some of the steam off of it. Ancajas looks for another lead left hand but Santiago steps out of range whenever he sees Ancajas look for that left hand. Santiago wants to fight at range and pick his spots to ambush Ancajas. Ancajas comes forward and lands a left hand to the body once he gets Santiago to the ropes. Good jab lands for Ancajas, Santiago returns the favor. Another left to the body lands for Ancajas. Ancajas is being more aggressive and it’s getting him better results. Big right hook lands for Santiago! The two fighters get into a mix up and Santiago lands the better shots of the exchange for me. I think that’s enough to steal this round. Santiago 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Ancajas paws with a jab, trying to measure his attack. Ancajas lands another left hand to the body. Santiago tries to flurry to respond but can’t land anything clean before getting tangled up with Ancajas. Ancajas walks forward and looks to land something hard but Santiago a swift on his feet and has some slick upperbody movement. Ancajas comes in again and this time lands a left uppercut to the body. Left hand lead to the head this time lands for Ancajas. Another right hook lands for Santiago! Left targets the body again. Another rush from Santiago but doesn’t land much. I think Ancajas just takes this one but it was close. Ancajas 10-9.

Round 4: Santiago leads with two jabs that don’t reach Ancajas. Ancajas launches his own quick attack with a hard body shot slipped in. Left to the body grazes Santiago. Now a jab lands for Ancajas. Ancajas goes for a three punch combination but the shorter Santiago ducks low under the attack. Santiago lands another right hand! Then another one! Santiago jumps in and shocks Ancajas with a couple punches. Punch stats seem to favor Ancajas but I think Santiago is landing the most telling punches of the fight. Santiago 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Ancajas leads with a left hand that Santiago pulls away from. Santiago sneaks in a short uppercut to the body on the inside. Ancajas tries another left to the body but it doesn’t land clean this time. Right hand lands to the head again for Santiago! Santiago continues to land that looping right hand on Ancajas’ head. Ancajas still presses forward and looks like he’s getting frustrated. This is a much harder fight than he probably expected coming in. Counter right hand lands for Santiago. Santiago tries to sneak in an uppercut before the right hand, showing that he’s growing in confidence. I still think Santiago is landing the cleanest, hardest shots of the fight. Santiago 10-9.

Round 6: Santiago leads with a jab that falls short. Now Santiago is pressing forward as Ancajas moves back to the ropes. Ancajas pivots to center ring but Santiago lands a right hand on him. Now Ancajas lands a left hand lead that was too reaching to have much power behind it. Ancajas looking for counter opportunities as Santiago grows bolder, but hasn’t found that clean punch to turn the tide. Now Ancajas lands a clean jab. Both fighters trade hooks. Left straight partially lands for Ancajas. One-two lands for Ancajas. Ancajas tries a left straight and then ties up Santiago after he misses. Santiago tries two big shots but Ancajas circles away and Santiago nearly falls out the ring. I think Ancajas just edges this round. Ancajas 10-9, 56-58.

Round 7: Ancajas paws with his jab at center ring, looking to land a left to the body. Santiago presses forward again as Ancajas continues to look for a counter and lands a left hand to the head. Ancajas tries to jab to the body but can’t find a clean target. Right hook lands again for Santiago! Ancajas is beating Santiago to the punch now as he get lulled into some inactivity. Left hook grazes Ancajas. Both fighters are missing on a lot of shots in this round, making it a little tough to score. I’m going to lean to Ancajas as he picked it up to outwork Santiago in this round. Ancajas 10-9.

Round 8: Both fighters try to throw and fall into one another. Ancajas lands a short left hook after the break. Ancajas lands a counter right hook as Santiago tries a lead right. Right hook lands for Santiago. Santiago is a tricky lil’ fighter. Right hook gets blocked by Ancajas this time, but Santiago follows up with a straight right upstairs. Left hand lands for Ancajas at the bell. Ancajas 10-9, 76-76.

Round 9: Santiago grazes Ancajas with a check hook. Ancajas tries a left hand to the body that partially lands. Santiago sneaks in a right hand on the inside of Ancajas’s left. Right hook lands for Santiago, a punch Ancajas’ has had trouble with all night long. Now Santiago doubles up with two hooks to the head. Santiago just misses with a lead right hand to the head. Right hook lands again for Santiago. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Santiago tries to flurry to end the round. Santiago 10-9.

Round 10: Santiago tries right hand but Ancajas is able to slip it. Right hook partially lands this time, though. Right hand, left jab combination lands for Santiago. Left hook lands for Santiago over Ancajas’ jab. Ancajas lands a left hand, but he’s throwing all straight punches, almost one at a time. Ancajas tries two more straight shots but Santiago moves off the line and gets out of danger. Santiago lands another right hook on Ancajas. Nice short left hook to the body lands for Santiago as the fighters get in close quarters. Santiago 10-9.

Round 11: Ancajas needs to win these last two rounds to get a draw on my card. Santiago presses forward and measures with a jab. Right hook from Santiago lands on Ancajas’ guard. Now Ancajas lands a straight left to the head. Santiago turns Ancajas and tries to launch an attack with Ancajas on the ropes! Now Santiago rushes Ancajas in the corner and Ancajas goes down! It’s ruled a push down! Two more short hooks land for Santiago in the phone booth at the bell. Santiago 10-9.

Round 12: Punch stats still seem to favor Ancajas but he’s been landing the telling punches — namely a right hook that’s landed repeatedly. Ancajas ties a big left hook that misses the target. Ancajas presses forward with a left to the body that doesn’t quite land. Ancajas jabs to the body and lands this one. Santiago seems to be sort of taking this round off and that could be a big mistake once we go to the scorecards. Santiago steps in with two uppercuts that are blocked by Ancajas. Ancajas 10-9. I’ve got it scored 115-113 for Santiago.

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