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Warren: Nasal spray caused Saunders to fail drug test

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Frank Warren says the BBBofC have cleared Billy Joe Saunders of breaking UKAD anti-doping regulations.

Billy Joe Saunders Press Conference Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Frank Warren, the promoter for Billy Joe Saunders, has quickly come out to dispel reports that his fighter is a cheat. Yesterday it was reported that Saunders failed a VADA drug test — testing positive for oxilofrine — which supposedly put his Oct. 20 title defense in jeopardy, but Warren says it’s all been overblown.

Warren says the substance is allowed to be used “out of competition” (meaning outside the day of a fight) according to UK Anti-Doping guidelines, and goes on to say that it was simply a case of Saunders using a decongestant nasal spray.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the product in question was a common decongestant nasal spray.

“Today the BBBofC have confirmed that Mr. Saunders is not in breach of BBBofC or UKAD anti-doping regulations. He is therefore in good standing and is licensed to box and defend his World Title on October 20th.”

With the news it looks like Saunders won’t be stripped of his title and will be allowed to go through with his upcoming defense against Demetrius Andrade — unless something else unexpected occurs. Saunders also took a moment to thank his supporters for standing by him during this time.