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Tensions persist between Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather

Davis claims Mayweather wants him to dump his trainers.

2018 Showtime Championship Boxing Event Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The ongoing saga between Floyd Mayweather, the promoter, and star fighter Gervonta Davis continues. In the latest flare-up between the two, Davis complains that Mayweather is trying to undermine his situation by trying to get him to dump his trainer so that Mayweather can assume the lead role in camp.

Davis has been very vocal in recent months about being unhappy in his present promotional situation. He’s flat out accused Mayweather of trying to throw him under the bus by negotiating unfavorable fights for him out of spite and bad mouthing him to powerful advisor Al Haymon. Davis has also plainly stated that Floyd doesn’t want to see him to do better than Floyd himself, which is really a bad look considering that Floyd is a retired fighter who’s supposed to have his fighter’s best interest in mind.

In addition to all that, Davis has also dropped a number of lines about being dissatisfied with having fought only once this year, with no other fight officially on his schedule for the rest of the year at this time. Davis says he’d like to be more active and Mayweather announced that he would be taking on Abner Mares next, but there’s been no other confirmation or details to follow up on when or where that would happen.

What’s clear is that Davis and Mayweather do not have a great working relationship, and one would surmise that it’s destined to end with an acrimonious split between the pair.

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