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Manny Pacquiao talks Broner, Mayweather, and Spence

Pacquiao insists he’s looking to take on the toughest opponents in the welterweight division.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During yesterday’s open media workout Manny Pacquiao took some time to chat with Marcos Villegas about his upcoming fight against Adrien Broner as well as some potential future fights against Floyd Mayweather and Errol Spence. Check it out...

Pacquiao on what he thinks he needs to be mindful of when facing a fighter like Broner:

“Careful of his counter punch. I know that he will do the same, counter punch, so we already prepare for that.”

On Broner believing he’ll knock him out with a counter punch like Juan Manuel Marquez:

“Yes, that’s what he’s thinking but I’m ready for that. I don’t think that’s gonna work...”

On being the last star of his generation who is still active, and how he maintains his motivation to train and fight:

“Myself. [The fans motivate me], the Filipino people, my countrymen — their support — and boxing is my passion like I said. I’m still here.”

On how he can still keep going through such rigorous training after so many years in the sport:

“I love workout. I tell you this, even if I don’t have a scheduled fight I exercise almost everyday. I play basketball like four hours [continuously]. I love exercise. i feel like tired if I don’t exercise.”

On how confident he is that he’ll be able to land a rematch with Floyd Mayweather:

“Right now I’m not thinking about my next fight. What I’m thinking is Adrien Broner because my plan is one at a time...if [Floyd] comes back to boxing and if he wants a rematch, there’s a rematch. It’s up to him, but right now my focus is for this fight because I’m not taking blindly or underestimating Broner.”

On if he saw Mayweather’s most recent “fight” against Tenshin Nasukawa:

“Oh, exhibition fight? Yeah, yeah. I saw that. It’s just exhibition.”

On saying that he wants to fight the winner of Errol Spence and Mikey Garcia:

“That’s a good fight and after [Jan.] 19th will talk about the next fight.”

On who he thinks wins between Spence and Garcia:


On why he would want to fight someone so much bigger than him like Spence:

“Yeah, as long as it’s at the same weight...[my] speed and power. Oh yeah [I can believe I can beat Spence].”

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