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PBC on FS1 - Uzcategui vs Plant: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Jose Uzcategui and Caleb Plant meet for a super middleweight title.

FOX Sports and Premier Boxing Champions Press Conference Experience Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight at 8 pm ET on FS1, Premier Boxing Champions is back with a card from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, headlined by IBF super middleweight titleholder Jose Uzcategui facing Caleb Plant.

Uzcategui (28-2, 23 KO) went from also-ran to champion pretty suddenly, starting with a controversial DQ loss to Andre Dirrell in May 2017, a fight that Uzcategui was winning on the cards. He rematched Dirrell 10 months later and physically dominated the fight, forcing Dirrell to quit after eight rounds, winning the interim IBF title.

Uzcategui was elevated to full champion status when James DeGale gave up the IBF belt. The Venezuelan fighter was last seen in the ring on Sept. 28, beating Ezequiel Maderna in a non-title catchweight bout.

Plant (17-0, 10 KO) has been a notable PBC prospect for a while now. Born in Tennessee, the 26-year-old “Sweethands” has handled his business effectively while moving up the ladder, showcasing skills and charisma in the ring. Last time out in Feb. 2018, he handily outpointed rough veteran Rogelio “Porky” Medina.

In the co-feature, super bantamweight prospect Brandon Figueroa (17-0, 12 KO) will take on Moises “Chucky” Flores (25-1, 17 KO).


  • CALEB PLANT def. JOSE UZCATEGUI by UD (116-110, 116-110, 115-111)
  • JOEY SPENCER def. BRANDON HARDER by TKO (1:27 of Round 2)
  • BRANDON FIGUEROA def. MOISES FLORES by TKO (1:35 of Round 3)



Round 1: Uzcategui comes to center ring and Plant meets him with a jab that get parried. Uzcategui tries to step in with a one-two but can’t find the mark. Hard right hand lands upstairs for Uzcategui. Uzcategui steps in with three punches but misses as Plant gets in a counter. Uzcategui slips a straight punch and lands a right hand. Two good body shots land for Plant. Plant lands two punches clean to the face! Uzcategui stalking but not doing much punching yet. Plant jabs twice and partially lands one. Clean left hand lands for Plant who taunts Uzcategui to end the round. Plant 10-9.

Round 2: Clean counter right hand lands for Plant as Uzcategui tries to attack. Now Uzcategui lands a short left hand at mid-range. Jab lands fro Plant with Uzcategui on the ropes and then Plant turns and hits Uzcategui with a punch that drops him! Uzcategui get up and Plant tries to get back to work with his jab. Plant jabs to the body and Uzcategui just misses on grazing right hand to the head. Plant leaps in with a left hook that is partially blocked. Counter right hand lands for Uzcategui. Hard one-two lands for Uzcategui as he backs Plant into a corner. Plant attacks back and lands a right hook to the body. Uzcategui’s activity level just isn’t what we’re used to seeing. Plant 10-8, 20-17.

Round 3: Hard jab lands clean for Plant, then another. Uzcategui is letting Plant’s straight shots pierce his split guard. Uzcategui marches forward and Plant circles the outside of the ring. Uzcategui misses on a three punch combination and Plant taunts him again. Right hand lands upstairs for Uzcategui. Jab lands upstairs again for Plant. Left to the body lands for Uzcategui. Hard left hook from Plant knocks Uzcategui off balance. Another exchange and Plant gets in the cleaner sharper shot. I see Plant outboxing Uzcategui so far. Plant 10-9.

Round 4: Both fighters exchange and both land hooks on each other. Plant has a cut on his right eye now from that exchange with Uzcategui! Hard left hook lands hard for Uzcategui! Both fighters trade hooks again and Uzcategui goes down! Uzcategui beats the count with a smile on his face but he’s been getting tagged clean by being loose defensively. Counter jab lands for Plant as Uzcategui steps in with his hands down. Plant 10-8, 40-34.

Round 5: Plant leaps with a left hook but Uzcategui ducks it. Jab lands for Plant, followed by a short combination that backs Uzcategui to the ropes. Uzcategui waves Plant on and then circles back to center ring. Both fighters trade again and get in grazing blows. Plant steps in with three jabs to push Uzcategui back. Uzcategui just isn’t moving his hands nearly enough — he’s just stalking and looking for a big punch to land. Jab lands to the body and head for Plant. Counter left lands for Plant again, but Uzcategui still tries to walk in and land power shots. Plant 10-9.

Round 6: Jab l ands for Plant and Uzcategui tries to walk through it and land some punches of his own. Jab lands for Uzcategui this time. Another jab lands for Uzcategui as Plant seems to be slowing down just a little. Two body shots land for Plant. Uzcategui steps back in and the fighters end up in a clinch. Left hook lands for Uzcategui and Plant at the same time! Jab lands for Uzcategui. Jab to the body lands for Plant now. Another straight jab lands for Uzcategui. I think Uzcategui gets on the board here. Uzcategui 10-9, 53-59.

Round 7: Both fighters get in the phone booth and Plant lands two hard hooks on Uzcategui’s head. Uzcategui takes those punches and walks forward. Both fighters exchange again and both land solid shots. Two jabs come from Uzcategui, followed by a short right hand. Plant throws four jabs, then a fifth. Plant lands a counter right hand as he backs up to the ropes. Now Plant turns Uzcategui and the fighters trade hooks yet again. Plant 10-9.

Round 8: Plant’s trainer asks him between rounds to slow his pace down so that he doesn’t burn himself out. Plant starts the round with a couple of jabs. Hard hook lands for Plant upstairs, Uzcategui lands a hook to the body. Right hand partially lands for Uzcategui. Plant throws a jab and a right hand to fight Uzcategui off of him. Both fighters trade left hooks again, with Plant getting in the better shot. Jab lands for Uzcategui at center ring. Plant tries two body shots on the inside. Short left hook lands for Plant to the body, Now Uzcategui gets in a left hand upstairs. Plant 10-9, 79-71.

Round 9: Uzcategui’s trainer asks him about a dozen times if he feels okay between rounds, as he looks lethargic. Both fighters get right in each other’s chest to start the round. Uzcategui is holding on instead of punch on the inside. Two body shots land for Plant on the inside. Left hook lands to the body for Uzcategui. Plant comes back with a combination to the body and head. Uzcategui hasn’t thrown a punch in a while but now lands a hard Left hook that shakes up Plant! Right hand lead lands for Uzcategui. Plant ties up and looks over to his corner. Short uppercut lands for Plant, who then ties Uzcategui up right afterwards. Plant ducks a Uzcategui hook and lands a counter to end the round. Aside from that one big punch I think Plant took the rest of the round. Plant 10-9.

Round 10: Plant starts with a left hook. Right hand lead lands for Uzcategui, Plant circle to the other side of the ring. Hard jab, right hand combination lands clean for Uzcategui! Uzcategui lands another right hand and Plant is busted up in the face, bleeding from his eye and nose. Plant ties up after Uzcategui throws two punches. Both fighters trade and Plant gets in a short uppercut on the inside. Uzcategui tries to responds by throwing both hands and presses Plant back to the ropes. Uzcategui 10-9, 90-98.

Round 11: Both fighters exchange and both land clean blows. Uzcategui smothers Plant and is letting precious seconds tick away while he’s down big on my scorecard. Plant turns Uzcategui to the ropes and leans on him as they both hold on to each other. The referee is REALLY slow with the breaks. Clean left hook lands upstairs for Plant. Left hands for Uzcategui. Now both fighters trade jabs. Plant gets in a counter right hand and then smothers Uzcategui’s attack. Plant 10-9.

Round 12: Plant now has another small cut under his left eye. Uzcategui is trying to press but he’s waited way too long in this fight. Jab lands for Uzcategui, then a short left hook. Plant holds on and then starts circling the ropes. Another jab lands for Uzcategui as Plant is trying to wind down the clock. Jab comes from Plant but doesn’t land clean. Referee warns Plant about the clinching. Uzcategui walks forward but can’t keep Plant pinned down without getting tied up. Uzcategui tries to throw a few shots on the inside but can’t generate any leverage. Uzcategui 10-9. I’ve got it scored for Plant, 117-109.


Round 1: Harder feints hard on Spencer. Spencer snaps a jab, then another, then another as Harder slips and taunts Spencer. Hard jab lands clean this time for Spencer. Spencer snaps another jab that catches Harder, who still shakes his head. Spencer jumps in with a couple of power shots that make contact with Harder. Harder look slike he has a cut on his scalp now. Referee calls the cut a result of an accidental head clash. Left hook lands well for Spencer. Harder takes a knee just before the bell off a punch that glanced off his forehead. Spencer 10-8.

Round 2: Jab lands for Spencer, followed by a right hand shortly after. Harder catches a right hook on his guard but then takes a left hand that puts him back down. Harder gets up and we’re back in action. Right hand lands for Spencer and Harder takes another knee, rolling over onto his butt. Harder gets up but the referee has seen enough. Spencer TKO-2.


Round 1: Figueroa lands a jab to the head, then slips the counter jab. Figueroa jumps in with a series of shots and lands several hard shots to the body! Flores looks a little shaken up by the assault he’s taken early in this round. Flores loads up on a big right hand just to try to keep Figueroa off of him. Figueroa turns southpaw and gets in a left straight from that stance. Solid uppercut to the body lands for Figueroa. Two short hooks land for Figueroa on the inside and more body shots land for Figueroa as Flores is taking a beating in the opening round. Figueroa 10-9.

Round 2: Flores misses on a wide hook and takes some more body punches for his trouble. Figueroa stands right in the pocket and strafes Flores with punches to the head and body. Sneaky uppercut lands on the inside for Figueroa. Overhand right hand lands upstairs for Figueroa. Flores looks a little unstead on his feet, or just has some poor balance. Chopping right hand lands on Flores’ head. Clean left hook lands for Figueroa, followed by a short combination. Flores tries to respond with a few hooks to end the round but doesn’t land much. Figueroa 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Figueroa tries a left hook to open the round but gets it blocked by Flores. Figueroa steps right back in with a lead left hand from the southpaw stance. Two straight left hands land clean for Figueroa, then a third! Now Figueroa goes down to the body with a few hard shots that seem to hurt Flores. BIG LEFT HOOK DROPS FLORES! Flores beats the count but he’s a little woozy. Another flurry comes from Figueroa and Flores crumbles. It’s over! Figueroa TKO-3.

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