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All Access: Pacquiao-Broner (Episode 2)

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Watch the final installment of Showtime’s behind the scenes feature on Pacquiao vs. Broner.

It’s fight week for Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner, and looking ahead to the fight Showtime Sports has released it’s second full installment of All Access, covering the build-up to the PPV bout this weekend.

This episode of All Access kicks off on New Year’s Eve, with Adrien Broner partying in the club (without a drink in hand). Meanwhile we segue to Pacquiao’s family life, with his wife Jinkee briefly describing the difficulty of having a fighter as a husband. Then, after a quick look into Broner’s home life as well, we get back to the training.

It’s at this point where Showtime focuses on the relationship between Pacquiao and his longtime trainer Freddie Roach, who had a falling out with one another after his controversial loss to Jeff Horn.

“It was like we owned the world,” Roach recalled. “We were winning all those big fights, knocking people out left and right, just a dream. Unbelievable dream.

“Someone relayed to me that he was mad at me over our discussion that being a fighter and a senator is too much. I was a little disappointed. We were together so long I thought it was like impossible to break us up.”

Roach wouldn’t receive a call for Pacquiao’s last fight against Lucas Matthysse, but the two friends appeared to hash things out for this upcoming bout.

“Should I be mad at a guy who I had over 15 great years together because he didn’t call me for one fight?”

Watch the full video feature above with Pacquiao and Broner set to square off this Saturday, Jan. 19.