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Garcia: Spence reminds me of myself, but I’m the better fighter

Mikey Garcia shares some thoughts on his upcoming fight against Errol Spence.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Mikey Garcia talks to reporters about his upcoming clash with Errol Spence Jr. and what he thinks about the impending fight set for March 16. Check it out...

Garcia on his fight with Spence:

“Errol Spence is a naturally big guy so I expect a tough fight, but I think my skills are superior. Honestly, and I play a lot, but I do think I’m a superior fighter and I think that’s what’s gonna allow me to get through this fight and win.

“It’s a good fight, it creates a lot of buzz for that reason. Curiosity — Am I too small, is he too big, is he too strong, am I fast enough? All this. So I think that’s what makes it very intriguing, very interesting. And when I first mentioned [I wanted to fight Spence] no one took me serious. But now we’re here and it’s happening.

On if he thinks a win over Spence cements his legacy and puts him #1 pound-for-pound:

“I think this victory definitely pushes me up there. You know, it’s up to the media and them to put me wherever you want but I’m not worried about the media, I want to please the fans, you know, the people that support me. They’re the ones that matter to me the most. I don’t really care so much what the media has to say. Everybody has a different list, everybody has their opinion everybody changes numbers all the time so that’s not what I’m worried about.

“I just think this is one of the victories that will just show the world what kind of fighter I really am.”

On training with Victor Conte and his SNAC program:

“We’ve been having very good training. It’s high intensity training...[Conte’s] an interesting guy, very smart. I heard some of the negative comments also, but that doesn’t affect, that doesn’t bother me. We know what we’re doing, we did enroll in VADA testing because we wanna make sure that everybody knows that we’re clean. We’re glad to prove that neither me or Spence is using any illegal substances.”

On fighting in Spence’s home state of Texas:

“I believe there’s gonna be a lot of fans for both sides — him being the hometown kid there — but I have fans from around the world. I have fans all over the country, I fought in Texas many times so I’m very confident I’ll have a lot of fans there too. That’s not gonna be an issue. And I just know that a lot of fans, the people that go there, are big boxing fans of both of ours and their in for a great night. They’re gonna enjoy the night.”

On what he sees in Spence that made him seek this fight out:

“I just saw a lot of things that I think — as a fighter you see things that the media never sees. We have a different eye for things, and although everybody sees the obvious size disadvantage, the weight, the height — all that stuff doesn’t matter. I’ve seen some stuff that give me confidence. You know, just my boxing ability itself, that’s it. Not to be disrespectful but I feel like I’m a better boxer, all around. Maybe not by a lot. He reminds me a lot of me, actually — the way he fights.

“He’s a fighter that’s technical, does almost everything right at the right moment. He reminds me of me, but I think I’m a better fighter.”

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