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Khan: Brook’s trash talk is killing the fight, that’s why I went with Crawford

Amir Khan answers questions about his April 20 PPV with Terence Crawford.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following today’s official announcement of Terence Crawford vs. Amir Khan, Khan takes some time to chat with our friends at Fight Hub TV about the bout — including some laughable bullshit about how Brook’s trash talking undermined his chances at landing the fight. Check it out...

Khan on fighting Crawford:

“You know what, honestly, I’m really ready for it. I mean, look, this is gonna be a big fight against an opponent who’s very, very dangerous and this is gonna bring the best out of me. I might be walking into the ring in this fight as the underdog, as a fighter who’s supposed to get beat but I just feel that I’ve got his number.

“I feel that, you know, I can win this fight in a good stylist way. So it’s all about being smart and I’m not gonna make no mistakes. I’m just gonna go in there and do what I do best and if it goes my way, it goes my way. And if it doesn’t, obviously we just move onto the next fight after that. But at the moment I feel that I’ve got a lot of energy left in me and I just needed some fight, which is like a Crawford fight, which is gonna give me that motivation. It’s gonna want me to train hard, work hard, and I wanna win that fight. So that’s the reason I’ve done it.”

On how he thinks he can beat Crawford:

“Skills. I mean, look, his strengths, he hits hard he’s a good boxer, a switch hitter. I think with me, obviously my speed, my movement, and my timing as well. I think these are things that’ll work for me. So, you know what, it is a good fight. I’m probably the best fighter that he’s gonna fight. He’s up there as one of the best fighters I’m gonna face. So it’s gonna be a good test for me as well.”

On what he envisions for his next three years:

“Probably the last chapter of my career. I’m just gonna have a couple of fights and call it a day and relax and spend time with my family. And this could be the fight that kind of does what I want it to do — you know what I mean — takes me and makes me become that legendary champion, beating Crawford, especially when people are probably doubting you to win this fight. It would be massive.”

On how hard it was to decide on fighting Crawford or Kell Brook:

“Very hard. It was very hard. Look, the Kell Brook fight’s been talked about a lot, but I think his last performance, which wasn’t the best, I decided to move and fight Crawford who I think is better opposition and looked really well in his last fight. So I think that all that trash talking that Kell does, I think is killing the fight instead of making it bigger. So that’s the reason it didn’t happen.”

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