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Roach: Broner will run all night, I promise you

Freddie Roach dares Adrien Broner to try to walk Manny Pacquiao down.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Trainer Freddie Roach talks to the media about this weekend’s Pacquiao-Broner fight and how he sees the fight playing out. Check out some excerpts below with the full video above...

On if he believes Broner has the power to hurt Pacquiao:

“Yes. Broner does have a good right hand and he does have power but I just don’t think he’ll find Manny in this fight, ‘cause Manny’s defense — hands up, movement — I don’t see him finding us.”

On if he thinks Broner will try to impose himself and walk Pacquiao down:

“We hope he walks Manny down. Please, please. Come walk Manny down. He will run all night, I believe. Promise you.”

On if Broner is at his best when he tries to walk fighters down:

“He was but the thing is he’s just not that brave anymore. He’s always on the back foot and he’s always looking for the counterpunch. Counterpunchers are somewhat easy to beat. The thing is they’re waiting for something to happen and so forth, and our feints and head movement and a good jab will take care of that.”

On if we could possibly see Pacquiao in classic form:

“Well I think so because Broner’s never been knocked out before and Manny’s coming off a knockout. I think that’s the first time he knocked somebody out in 6 years, I think he likes that feeling, he remembers that feeling. I think he’s coming back.”

On if he expects Broner to be gun-shy in the fight:

“Yes, a little bit, ‘cause once he feels Manny’s speed he’ll be very gun-shy I feel.”

On if Manny beats Broner and lands a rematch with Floyd Mayweather, what would be different this time around:

“Well, we have two hands instead of one. And last time after the fourth round we’re just a one-handed fighter and he still almost beat him. I mean, a lot of people thought he won that fight. But the thing is, I was disappointed getting ready for that fight. But the thing is he’s 100% now, he has two hands. Believe me, we’ll be a lot more better opponent than last time.

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