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Broner: Pacquiao is nervous, trembling

Adrien Broner takes media questions about this weekend’s fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following yesterday’s final press conference, Adrien Broner took time to answer questions from media members and talked about what he saw in Manny Pacquiao during their face off on stage...

“He don’t wanna see me, for real. He don’t wanna see me. See, what he do is try to smile, but he nervous. He tried to smile his way out of it. He nervous, though. He be trembling.”

On why he went off on Al Bernstein when Bernstein says he never wrote any nasty things about him on Twitter:

“He always talk nasty about me on Twitter, man. But, you know, it’s okay. You know, I guess that’s what he’s supposed to do as a reporter. And I’m just a fighter.”

On his plans to send Pacquiao back to the senate without a belt:

“Well, of course I’ll send him home beltless. You know, I’m coming to win. And that’s how I’m gonna send him home beltless.”

On not wanting be used as a stepping stone towards a rematch with Mayweather:

“I ain’t never been a stepping stone. Ever.”

On if he thinks he doesn’t get enough credit:

“They will after I fuck him up. But it’s okay, I’ll see ya’ll Jan. 19 and all ya’ll can get some more pictures. You know ya’ll come 100 deep and I’ll take every picture with all of ya’ll. I love the Philippines and I’ll see ya’ll Jan. 19.”

On exchanging words with a Filipino fan at the final presser, telling him he brought a cat and dog for him to eat:

“It’s cool. They exchanged words, we exchanged back words. It’s cool. They all cool, man. I told him I’ma give him some sauteed German Shepard.”

On if he needs to win this fight to become a legend:

“I’m already a legend where I’m from. Where I’m from they don’t got nothing, never had nothing, and ain’t gonna get nothing.

“When I started out I was already losing. Anything I get from here on out — I’m winning.”

On how focused he is and how hard he’s worked in camp:

“I’ve been working real hard and I don’t wanna say too much. I just wanna let you guys know, Jan. 19, I just hope ya’ll stay fans of Adrien Broner and none of this is personal. And like I said before, I know it’s about 300 of ya’ll, ya’ll all can get pictures.”

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