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Roy Jones gives Danny Jacobs the edge over Canelo Alvarez

Roy Jones Jr. breaks down the recently announced Canelo Alvarez vs. Danny Jacobs fight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Roy Jones Jr. gives his thoughts and breakdown on the Canelo Alvarez vs. Danny Jacobs bout, including why he thinks Jacobs deserves this fight before a third fight between Canelo and Gennady Golovkin. Check out what he had to say...

Jones on what he makes of the Canelo-Jacobs fight:

“I think that’s a great fight. Great fight for boxing, great fight for those two fighters. Great fight. I mean, Danny Jacobs is one of my favorite people in the world because of him defeating cancer like he did. And Canelo’s one of my favorite fighters in the world because Canelo can freakin’ fight. And I know they say ‘Mexican style,’ Canelo can fight all styles, and I love him for that.

“So it’s like it’s a great fight, I’m so happy for both guys, it should be a great night for them, and I can’t wait.”

On how he thinks the fight will play out:

“Very difficult ‘cause Canelo is probably the best counterpuncher that Danny Jacobs will ever have faced. And Danny Jacobs probably one of the better punchers — aside GGG — that Canelo’s ever gonna face. So Danny’s gotta box and be smart to try and stay away from Canelo and don’t allow Canelo to land big shots off of counters. But Canelo also has to figure out a way to negate Danny’s quick hands and try to land a counter. So it’s gonna be a very challenging fight for both guys. It’ll boil down to who can take the most.”

On who has the advantage entering the fight:

“Stylistically I think Danny does because he’s bigger and taller. Yeah, I think Danny has the advantage because here’s the thing — Danny’s gonna pick his shots on the [outside] and do what he wants to do on the [outside]. Canelo has to get close to Danny to hit him, ‘cause he’s smaller than Danny.

“So Danny has the advantage there because he can hit Canelo before Canelo hits him. Although Canelo’s goal is to try to make Danny reach at him so that he can hit Danny. So the advantage fighting-wise, stylistically, goes to Danny. But that don’t mean Danny gonna win, but that’s who I think stylistically has the advantage.”

On if he thinks Jacobs will try to press Canelo to keep him on the back foot:

“No, you don’t want Canelo on the back foot, you wanna make Canelo stand still and fight. If you make him stand still and fight you got a better chance to beat him. If you let him come at you then he gonna force you to throw shots to try to keep him off you and those are the ones he’s gonna counter. If you chase him, then every time you go to get him big, he gonna counter that too. So you gotta find a way to not allow him to know when you’re coming, because if you do, he’s the best counterpuncher in boxing.”

On if he’s happy with this fight instead of going right into a third Golovkin fight:

“I’m okay with it anyway ‘cause it’s good for both fighters, like I said. Danny Jacobs, because of the way he defeated cancer and came back, is one of my favorite people of ever, in life, of all time. He’ll be one of my favorite people from now on. So to see that happen for him — Golovkin had two paydays with Canelo — to see Danny get one now, come on bruh. I gotta tell you I love it. It’s not taking away from nobody. But Golovkin did get a chance to experience two good paydays with Canelo. Why not let Danny experience one?

“If they for [for a third Canelo-GGG fight], I don’t mind them doing it later, but let Danny take his chance too. Because if they fight Canelo-Golovkin 3 right now then Danny might never get that chance, and I’d feel so bad for Danny because like I said, after all Danny’s been through, who else would better deserve a payday right now in boxing?”

On where that leaves Jermall Charlo in the conversation:

“Well they can still go fight Golovkin. Golovkin still needs opponents. And that’s still a big fight. So go fight him and the winner fight the winner. It’s not hard to figure out. Look, I don’t wanna be a promoter but...that’s the way it should happen.

“Now if they get a third one, they both would’ve earned a third one.”

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