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Andrade vs Akavov: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Demetrius Andrade makes his first title defense on DAZN.

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Tonight at 7 pm ET streaming live on DAZN, Demetrius Andrade returns to the ring to make his first WBO middleweight title defense against Artur Akavov in the main event from Hulu Theater in New York.

Andrade (26-0, 16 KO) won the title last October, beating Walter Kautondokwa in Boston for the vacant belt. Akavov (19-2, 8 KO) has had a shot at this title before, losing a decision to Billy Joe Saunders back in Dec. 2016.

Andrade is the heavy favorite here, but Akavov has managed to make a title fight closer than expected before, too.

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On the undercard, Jorge Linares (45-4, 28 KO) returns to face Pablo Cesar Cano (31-7-1, 21 KO) in a junior welterweight showdown; IBF super bantamweight champion TJ Doheny (20-0, 14 KO) defends against Ryohei Takahashi (16-3-1, 6 KO); Chris Algieri (22-3, 8 KO) takes on Daniel Gonzalez (17-1-1, 7 KO); and Amanda Serrano (35-1-1, 26 KO) faces Eva Voraberger (24-5, 11 KO) for the vacant WBO super flyweight title.

Wil Esco is on the call tonight. Join us!


  • DEMETRIUS ANDRADE def. ARTUR AKAVOV by TKO (2:36 of Round 12)
  • PABLO CESAR CANO def. JORGE LINARES by TKO (2:48 of Round 1)
  • TJ DOHENY def. RYOHEI TAKAHASHI by TKO (2:18 of Round 11)
  • CHRIS ALGIERI def. DANIEL GONZALEZ by UD (98-92, 97-93, 96-94)
  • AMANDA SERRANO def. EVA VORABERGER by KO (0:35 of Round 1)



Round 1: Akavov starts with a jab o the body. Andrade picks off two more kabs from Akavov. Andrade lands a sharp jab upstairs, then another. More jabs land clean for Andrade, followed by a right hook. Andrade leads with a right hook and ties up Akavov Akavov goes downstairs with two body punches. Two right hooks land clean for Andrade. Sharp jab lands for Andrade. Three punches come from Andrade that back Akavov up to the ropes. Andrade 10-9.

Round 2: Akavov starts with a couple punches that Andrade is able to defend. Now Andrade whips in a hard shot to the body. Two jabs followed by a straight left to the body lands clean for Andrade. Andrade jabs and lands. Another jab lands for Andrade, followed by a left hook. Two more jabs land for Andrade, then a left hand. Akavov sneaks in a right hand upstairs. Check hook lands clean for Andrade. Andrade is looking really sharp and fast in this fight, with solid power. Andrade 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Akavov tries to maul Andrade a little bit and the referee tells him to keep it clean. Jab, jab comes from Andrade. Andrade is really making it hard for Akavov to close the distance with his sharp jab. Another jab lands for Andrade, and yet another. Andrade is controlling this fight easily from the outside. Short upprcut lands on the inside for Andrade. Hard straight hand lands for Andrade following two jabs. Now Akavov lands an uppercut on the inside. Andrade 10-9.

Round 4: Both fighters walk right into a clinch to start the round. Akavov ties some chopping punches on the inside and the referee tells both fighters again to keep it clean. Hard straight left lands clean for Andrade. Two jabs land squarely on Akavov’s face. Another hard jab lands, followed by another straight left. Now Andrade tries to go down to the body with a left hand. Akavov goes downstairs with a right hand and then upstairs with a hook that Andrade partially blocks. Andrade unloads a flurry right before the bell. Andrade 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Andrade snaps a jab to start the round. Another jabs lands for Andrade as he steps forward trying to land a hard left hand. Now Andrade goes to the body with a right hand. Andrade tries to line up a straight left but Akavov is able to deflect it. More jabs flash from Andrade and Akavov tries to circle away. Now Andrade strafes the body with a right hook. Flurry comes from Andrade, ending with a right hook to the body. Andrade 10-9.

Round 6: More jabs come from Andrade which keep Akavov on the outside. Jab snaps Akavov’s head, then a left hand to the body lands. One-one-two comes from Andrade, who is really picking Akavov apart. Two more jabs come from Andrade and Akavov is having real trouble trying to close the distance. Hard right hook to the body lands for Andrade. Akavov isn’t throwing nearly as many punches as this fight wears on, he’s clearly on the defensive. Andrade 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Andrade starts the round with a jab. Straight left hand lands upstairs for Andrade following another jab. Two body shots from Andrade hurt Akavov. Now Andrade lines up a right hook to the body as Akavov covers up on the ropes. Andrade snaps Akavov’s head with another jab. Akavov looks like he’s in full survival mode at this point. Another jab from Andrade lands clean, then another. Andrade is cruising. Andrade 10-9.

Round 8: Jab to the body lands for Andrade to start this round. Akavov still can’t close the distance and get into punching range without taking clean and hard shots from Andrade. Jab upstairs lands for Andrade. Andrade throws a combination and partially lands a right hook upstairs at the end of it. Right hook to the body lands for Andrade. Another flurry comes from Andrade which knocks Akavov into the corner. Andrade misses on a big straight left hand now. Andrade 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: Andrade starts the round boxing on the outside again, and Akavov is mostly just trying to keep from taking too many punches. Straight left hand to the body lands for Andrade. Now Andrade lands a clean left hook. Now Akavov throws a hard combination out of nowhere and hits Andrade clean with a hard hook upstairs. Andrade gets back to his game plan and tries to whip in a body shot. I’ll give Akavov this round with the hardest punches landed in this round. Akavov 10-9.

Round 10: Akavov is bleeding now from a cut over his right eye. Andrade lands a left hook, then steps in to follow it up as Akavov ties him up. Another left hook lands for Andrade and backs Akavov up. More jabs and left hands land for Andrade. Akavov’s cut is bleeding significantly now. Jab lands for Andrade. Andrade 10-9, 99-91.

Round 11: Akavov’s cut over his eye looks pretty deep. Jabs land for Andrade, who then feints a jab and lands a right hook to the body. Andrade whips in punches to both sides of Akavov’s body. Right hook lands for Andrade as Akavov tries to come off the ropes. Left hand lands clean for Andrade and knocks Akavov back. More jabs land for Andrade. Andrade is basically chasing Akavov around the ring. Andrade 10-9.

Round 12: The referee warns Akavov that he’s close to stopping this fight, but it’s the last round now. Jabs land for Andrade on the outside, and Akavov just can’t get into his punching range. More jabs land for Andrade, and he’s winning this fight with almost the jab alone — Akavov just can’t get past it. Akavov tries a short combination but he’s too diminished at this point. More jabs come from Andrade and the referee stops the fight with less than 30 seconds left. Akavov is livid! Andrade TKO-12.


Round 1: Cano lands a right hand to the body to start the right. Hard right hand lands upstairs for Cano and puts Linares down! Linares beats the count and Cano looks to follow it up to stop Linares. Cano throwing lots of power punches as Linares tries to cover up. Left hook lands for Cano. Linares takes another right hand and goes down again! Oh boy! Hard right hand to the body lands for Cano. Another shot from Cano puts Linares down AGAIN! Linares is in trouble. Linares can’t takes Cano’s power and after Linares wobbles on his feet the referee steps in to stop the fight. Cano TKO-1.


Round 1: Takahashi misses on a huge left hook to start the round. Straight right falls short for Takahashi. Straight left hand lands for Doheny. Doheny touches Takahashi to the body with a right hook. Jab lands clean for Doheny. Hard left to the body lands for Doheny and looks like it hurt Takahashi. Takahashi partially lands a straight right to the head. Doheny just misses with a left cross. Takahashi lands a clean right hand. Doheny responds with a couple of punches and the gets Takahashi in a headlock. Doheny 10-9.

Round 2: Takahashi misses on a straight left downstairs. Now Takahashi lands a jab but takes a body shot in return. Hard right hook lands for Doheny. Doheny is cut over his right eye, and Takahashi has a cut too on the bridge of his nose as a result of a head clash. Doheny partially lands a counter left, and then a body shot shortly after. Takahashi walks right into a Doheny straight left. Clean jab lands for Takahashi but Doheny responds with a combination. Doheny 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Doheny flicks jabs to the head and body as he lines up a straight left hand. Doheny presses forward but can’t quite land a clean shot. Doheny whacks Takahashi with a body shot during a clinch. Takahashi lands a looping left hand to the head. Doheny clips Takahashi with a shot that puts Takahashi down. Takahashi beats the count and we’re back in action. Right hook lands clean for Doheny. Doheny 10-8.

Round 4: Takahashi misses on a right hand to the body and takes a shot back from Doheny for his trouble. Left hook, then a right hook lands for Doheny. Another hard shot from Doheny shakes Takahashi up momentarily. Right hand partially lands for Takahashi. Right hook to the body lands for Doheny. Takahashi gets one back with a left hand. Doheny 10-9, 40-35.

Round 5: Check right hook lands for Doheny. Now Doheny puts in a left uppercut as Takahashi comes forward. Another short uppercut lands for Doheny. Now Doheny lands a straight left hand at center ring. Stiff jab lands clean for Doheny. Left hook from Takahashi partially lands on Doheny’s head. Another check hook lands clean for Doheny. Uppercut to the body lands for Doheny this time. Clean right hand lands on the button for Takahashi with Doheny on the ropes. Doheny lands a two-punch combination to retaliate. Doheny 10-9.

Round 6: Straight left hand pierces Takahashi’s guard. Short uppercut partially lands for Doheny as Takahashi walks straight in. Hard left hand to the body lands for Doheny. Another clean body shot lands for Doheny, who continue to time Takahashi’s forward aggression. Now Doheny lands a left hand lead and stings Takahashi. Right hook lands for Doheny this time. Takahashi lands a two punch combination to the body once he backs Doheny to the ropes. Doheny 10-9, 60-53.

Round 7: Two shots to the body land for Doheny to open the round. Doheny goes right back down to the body with a straight left hand. Check right hook grazes Takahashi’s head. But another check hook lands well for Doheny. Jab lands for Doheny, Takahashi tries to walk through it. Doheny goes back down to the body with his left hand. Takahashi still throwing punches and trying to fight back but he’s having a tough time landing on the target. Doheny 10-9.

Round 8: Doctors take a look at Takahashi to start the round, they say he’s okay to continue. Straight left hand lands clean for Doheny. Takahashi comes forward with several punches but they don’t land. Now Takahashi lands some shots as he fires a bunch of punches. Doheny responds with a couple of clean body shots. Three jabs land clean for Doheny. Two hard hooks to the body land well for Takahashi now. Now Doheny goes back upstairs with a left hand that glances off Takahashi’s head. Short left hook lands on the chin of Takahashi. More of the same in this round. Doheny 10-9, 80-71.

Round 9: Right hand partially lands to the body for Takahashi. Takahashi flurries with a bunch more punches but Doheny is largely able to evade those shots. Takahashi whiffs on a straight right hand to the body. Takahashi is still fighting hard but he’s simply outclassed here. Left hook from Doheny knocks Takahashi off balance. Right hand lands for Takahashi to the head. Hard left hand to the body lands clean for Doheny. Takahashi is throwing a lot, but landing a little. Doheny 10-9.

Round 10: Doheny measures with a lead left hand and then tries to land a right off of it. Left hand pierces Takahashi’s guard, but Takahashi gets in a stiff shot in return. Right hand lead lands for Takahashi. Now Doheny whips in a few hooks to the body. Doheny gets warned for hitting during the break. Right hand to the body gets in for Takahashi this time. Jab stops Takahashi in his tracks. Double land hand scores for Doheny. Doheny 10-9, 100-89.

Round 11: Takahashi starts with a quick right hand lead that partially lands. Left hook partially lands for Takahashi, then lands a jab. Good counter shot lands for Doheny. Straight left lands for Doheny, who then pivots off a right hook. Right hook lands to the body for Doheny. Takahashi flurries but can’t land a clean punch. A few punches come from Doheny and the referee stops it! Wow, that was an odd stoppage. Doheny TKO-11.


Round 1: Algieri jumps out quick with a jab, then another. Algieri stands center ring and tries a lead right hand which falls short. Now Algieri flicks another jab as Gonzalez lays back without throwing anything back. Right hand to the body lands for Algieri. Now Algieri lands a jab to the body. Another strong right hand to the body lands for Algieri. Now Gonzalez throws his first real punch, a right hook, and it gets caught on Algieri’s guard. Easy round for Aligeri, as he’s fighting a moving punching bag in the opening round. Algieri 10-9.

Round 2: Algieri starts out with a quick two-punch combination to start the round. Straight right hand lands to the body, then tries to follow it up with a right hook downstairs that doesn’t land clean. Two more hooks to the body land for Algieri. Gonzalez has still scarcely thrown a punch. Two hook graze Gonzalez upstairs. Both fighters trade body shots on the inside. Algieri jumps in with another right hand that glances off Gonzalez’ glove. Gonzalez partially lands a hook upstairs but his work rate is atrocious. Algieri 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Algieri starts with a right hand that doesn’t land clean. Gonzalez now tries to pressure and land a right hand but can’t quite find the mark. Algieri goes back down to the body with a straight right hand. Cuffing right hand glances off Algieri’s head. Combination from Algieri partially lands. Now Gonzalez lands a clean head shot on Algieri. Algieri falls short on a jab to the body. Hard right hand lands clean for Gonzalez. I think Gonzalez landed the best two shots of the round. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 4: Algieri tries to jump on Gonzalez with a couple shots to start the round. Algieri whacks away at Gonzalez’s body. Algieri paws with the jab and then lands a short body shot. Jab to the body lands for Algieri. Gonzalez lands a hook upstairs. Right hand lead falls short this time for Algieri. Algieri 10-9.

Round 5: Two jabs come from Algieri to open the round. Now Gonzalez lands a right hand. Cuffing shot clips Gonzalez. Now Gonzalez lands a couple of hooks when he finally decides to throw. Two body punches land for Algieri this time. Algieri tries another shot upstairs but I think Gonzalez got in a few good power shots in this round. Still, his activity level is quite enough. Algieri 10-9.

Round 6: Right hook to the body lands for Gonzalez. Gonzalez tries to get a little more aggressive now and walks to Algieri, trying to pressure him. Algieri his bleeding a little from his nose now. Jab to the body lands for Algieri. Now Aligeri lands a counter right hand upstairs, followed by a left hook. Both fighters are falling into a lot of clinches, but Algieri manages to lands a couple of good shots to finish the round. Algieri 10-9.

Round 7: Algieri tries to generate some power by sitting on some of his shots. Gonzalez tries to throw a couple but Algieri is able to safely cover up on the punches. Algieri sticks a jab between Gonzalez’s guard. Right hand to the body lands for Algieri. Two clean body shots land for Gonzalez. Now Algieri is bleeding under his left from a Gonzalez from an accidental head clash. Much better round for Gonzalez. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 8: Algieri tries a right hand lead that can’t find the mark, but lands a right hand to the body after. Algieri on the move and boxing from the outside, jabbing and circling the ring. Now Gonzalez lands a rare jab, then another, then another! Algieri responds with a nice counter right. Gonzalez tries walking Algieri down but can’t land a good punch. Jab lands for Gonzalez, who backs Algieri to the ropes. Gonzalez 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Algieri’s trainer literally yells at him to stop backing up, giving Gonzalez forward momentum. Algieri gets back to circling the outside. Left hook lands for Gonzalez upstairs. Gonzalez gets Algieri on the ropes and lands two hooks, with Algieri then circling out and landing a counter. Gonzalez tries a counter right hook but can’t find the target. Gonzalez still marches forward, keeping the pressure on Algieri. Right hand lands to the body for Algieri but it looks to me like Gonzalez has the momentum. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 10: Last round. Algieri lands body shot to start the round. Algieri stands and fires punches with both hands. Short left hook lands clean for Algieri. Gonzalez presses forward and Algieri ties him up. Algieri misses on a right hand lead. Algieri getting his jab working again, keeping Gonzalez at range. Gonzalez misses on a big left hook but continues to chase Algieri around the ring. Algieri skips around the ring to wind out the clock. Algieri moved a lot in this round while Gonzalez was the clear aggressor. Gonzalez 10-9. I’ve got it 95-95 even.


Round 1: Serrano comes out quick with a jab followed by a one-two. Serrano follows that up with a combination that lands clean on Voraberger and Voraberger goes down! Voraberger can’t beat the count. It’s over already! Serrano KO-1.

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