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Keith Thurman says he has every intention of unifying with Errol Spence

Thurman says a fight with Spence should be with at least three world titles on the line.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During his open media workout, WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman responds to media questions on those critical of his career choices and, of course, about when he could possibly face Errol Spence Jr. Check it out...

Thurman on fans being critical of how he’s handled his career lately:

“...for those who didn’t understand — and for real, I don’t expect them to understand Keith Thurman, I don’t expect them to know what it’s like to be champion of the world or to be an elite athlete who’s injured and cannot perform on the elite level. You know, that’s what I wanna do, that’s what we plan on doing, and that’s why we’re getting back to entertain you guys and to be one of the best welterweights in the world today.”

On how he feels when other fighters, and not fans, ridicule him for taking a long time and lesser fights to work his way back after an injury:

“Errol Spence...he said it at FOX conference day. He’s talking out of his mouth, you know what I’m saying? So at the end of the day, look, there’s a lot of stuff that ya’ll don’t know. There’s a lot of conversations that we’ve had face-to-face that ya’ll don’t know. And from the day I met the boy in the back of the MGM Grand, I said ‘Wassup EJ. Nice to meet you. I know who you are, I look forward to you coming up in the ranks, and I look forward to the day where we scrap it out.’

“Now, like I said, I’m humble, but I’m also honest. I’m a man of my word. So it doesn’t matter how many years ago that was that I said it, but from that day to this day it’s a true statement. We will fight. It’s not going nowhere. But I got here before you, pimp. I made it to the top, I got here before you. It’s called priorities. This is my career, your career, but we will meet. And like I been telling you guys who are like ‘when, when, when, when, when?’ but I have the WBA, I had the WBC — it woulda been nice to defend the accomplishments and then reach back out and reunify.

“Keith Thurman vs. Errol Spence isn’t worth one title, it’s not worth two titles, it should be worth three titles, baby. And so we’re gonna set it up like that. That’s all I’m saying.”

On if he’s planning to try to get his WBC title back after this fight with Josesito Lopez:

“That’s definitely one of the main priorities that we have, but we’re always gonna stay open for negotiations for anything that’s prosperous in my career, whether or not you agree with it or not. I mean, I’m the elite athlete. I’m the fighter. I will retire one day, I can’t do this forever. So we at the top. We gonna box hard, we gonna box smart and we’re gonna pick the right fights at the right time.”

Errol Spence, however, seemed to have caught wind of Thurman’s talk during his media day and didn’t think he was being particularly honest in his statements....

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