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Thurman: Broner’s the boy who cried wolf

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Keith Thurman gives his impressions of the Pacquiao-Broner fight.

In this video interview caught by Fight Hub TV, Keith Thurman breaks down his thoughts on the Pacquiao-Broner fight and why he believes Adrien Broner is ‘About Bullshit.’

“What do I think of the Pac and Broner fight? I mean, I don’t gotta say it but, you know, he’s the boy that cried wolf. You know what I mean?...AB’s the boy that cried wolf. We’ver heard him over and over ‘I’m slapping this guy up, I’m stuntin’ on him, he can’t touch me, he can’t do anything.’ You know, and I wanted Broner to win. For once I was in the underdog’s corner. I wanted AB to win the fight. And really I want Pacquiao to win the fight because I want to fight Pacquiao, right?

“So I got a lot of controversial feelings in that but I support AB as a young world class fighter fighting a 40-year-old man that apparently he couldn’t beat. Right? But I didn’t wanna see that kind of Adrien Broner. Before the fight, pre-fight, I was trying to encourage AB to show the world the guy that you guys used to say might be the next Floyd Mayweather. Once upon a time he looked tremendous. And you wanna talk about outta mind, outta sight — who’s AB today? About Bullshit.”