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Munguia vs Inoue: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Jaime Munguia and Takeshi Inoue meet in tonight’s main event on DAZN.

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Tom Hogan/Golden Boy Promotions

Tonight at 7 pm ET, streaming live on DAZN from Houston, two world titles are on the line, with Jaime Munguia facing Takeshi Inoue in the main event.

Munguia (31-0, 26 KO) defends his WBO junior middleweight title for the third time, after winning it last May from Sadam Ali. So far, he’s conquered challenges from Liam Smith and Brandon Cook, and tonight it’s Japan’s Inoue (13-0-1, 7 KO), a heavy underdog.

If Munguia wins as expected, he’s likely to make a mandatory defense against Dennis Hogan in his next fight.

The co-feature will be for the WBA “world” featherweight title, with Puerto Rico’s Jesus Rojas (26-2-2, 19 KO) taking on China’s Xu Can (15-2, 2 KO).

The most notable of the preliminary bouts involves top prospect Vergil Ortiz Jr (11-0, 11 KO) in a 10-round bout against Jesus Valdez (23-4-1, 12 KO) at a catchweight between junior welterweight and welterweight.

Wil Esco is on the call tonight. Join us!


  • JAMIE MUNGUIA def. TAKESHI INOUE by UD (120-108, 120-108, 119-109)
  • XU CAN def. JESUS ROJAS by UD (118-110, 117-111, 116-112)
  • VERGIL ORTIZ def. JESUS VALDEZ by TKO (End of Round 5)



Round 1: Inoue comes out quick and looks to take it to Munguia by throwing chopping right hands as the fighters get tied up. Inoue charges Munguia again and gets in some more glancing overhands before getting warned by the use of his forearm. Inoue leaps in behind a sloppy punch and, flailing and missing badly. Munguia tries a left hook to the body that misses. Munguia is boxing and moving on the outside and lands a right hand downstairs. Inoue charges Munguia again and mauls him along the ropes. Munguia misses on a left hook to the body. Clean right hand lands for Munguia. Sloppy round without much clean punching, but I think Munguia landed the best of the few punches that were landed. Munguia 10-9.

Round 2: Inoue tries to press forward on Munguia to make this fight more than a boxing match. Inoues misses on another wild right hand as he gets Munguia to the ropes. Munguia tries a couple of jabs at center ring and then backs himself to the ropes for a moment. Inoue gets in a counter right hand before the tries to maul Munguia again along the ropes. Jab lands for Inoue who then misses with the follow up right. Lead left hook partially lands for Munguia. Inoue tries to maul Munguia again before the bell but can’t land a clean shot. Munguia 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Munguia tries to establish his jab as Inoue tries to jump in and loop some power shots, looking to hit the jackpot. More sloppy punches come from Inoue before the referee needs to break the fighters. Munguia ties to go to the body with two shots that don’t land clean. Inoue has a cut over his left eye from an accidental head clash, probably because of the way Inoue recklessly jumps in with his head. Clean body shot lands for Munguia, Inoue shakes his head. Another hard left to the body lands for Munguia. Munguia 10-9.

Round 4: Munguia misses on a right hand to the body. Left hook lead lands on Inoue’s guard. Right hand lead lands for Munguia this time. Inoue tries to rush Munguia again but smothers his own punching angles. Uppercut lands clean for Munguia! Inoue misses on a wild overhand right. Inoue tries to strafe Munguia along the ropes with his hooks which can’t land clean as he continues to maul Munguia. Left hand lands to the body for Munguia, followed by a short right hook. Inoue gets Munguia to the body and throws wild haymakers to the head and body. Munguia 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Inoue throws several feints before Munguia lets go a stiff left hand. Left hook to the body lands for Munguia. Inoue tries to flurry back but his punches are much wider than Munguia’s. Left to the body lands again for Munguia. Inoue ties to ambush Munguia again but can’t land anything clean. Double left hook to the body and head lands for Munguia. Another left hook to the body lands for Munguia! Munguia is starting to land his power shots consistently now. Left hook lands for Munguia as Inoue tries to bullrush his way in. Munguia 10-9.

Round 6: Inoue jumps right in on Munguia and throws punches he doesn’t have the space to land. Now Inoue gets in a right hook upstairs, but Munguia gets in a left hook to the body in return. Both fighters trade a couple of punches and then Inoue gets in a right hook to the head. Left hook to the had lands clean for Munguia, and it appears that Inoue is starting to feel those shots. Inoue 10-9.

Round 7: Inoue tries to get in and throw more of his looping hooks to the head with little success. Hard left hook lands clean for Munguia to the body. Munguia gets in a right hand upstairs this time, and then looks to dig the left hook to the body. Hard left hook to the body lands again for Munguia. Inoue gets in the overhand right this time, but Munguia comes right back, targeting the left hook to the body. Munguia 10-9.

Round 8: Munguia tries to pick off Inoue with a couple of punches to the body. Munguia circles the outsid eof the ring and then Inoue jumps in on him, forcing a clinch and a break. Munguia has been fighting off the ropes more than I’ve ever seen him but Inoue isn’t doing himself any favors by smothering his punches. Hard left hook from Munguia looks like it momentarily wobbles Inoue. Jab to the body lands for Munguia. Inoue tries to strafe Munguia while bullying him on the ropes but he just can’t land clean and effectively at the range he’s setting. Another left hook lands for Munguia at the bell. Munguia 10-9, 79-73.

Round 9: Right hand to the body lands for Munguia. Right hand to the body lands again for Munguia but Inoue pushes Munguia to the ropes and shoves his forearm back in his face. Wild overhand right from Inoue misses. Short right hand lands this time for Inoue, who has has trouble shortening his hooks. Inoue gets in a looping right hand as Munguia showcases his leaky defense. Another right hand lands for Inoue on the inside. Left to the body lands for Munguia, followed by a right to the body that hurts Inoue! Inoue composes himself and stands in for more. Left hook to the head lands clean for Munguia. I was just about to give Inoue that round until those body shots nearly put him down. Munguia 10-9.

Round 10: Munguia lands a shot left to the body on the inside. Inoue tries to maul Munguia along the ropes again but Munguia turns the tables and sneaks in a couple more body shots. Two hooks to the body land for Munguia. Munguia throwing a lot of body punches and Inoue keeps coming. Right hook to the body lands twice for Munguia, followed by a hook to the head that partially lands. Inoue lands an overhand right after Munguia stops punching. Left hook to the head lands for Munguia. Two hooks from Munguia damn near puts Inoue down! His knees buckled but he managed to keep his feet. Munguia 10-9, 99-91.

Round 11: Munguia comes out quick and lands a hook to the head. Munguia tries to keep it up and looks for another left hook but Inoue ducks that one. Inoue walks forward but walks into a left hook to the body. Right hook on the inside lands for Munguia. Inoue tries to land some shots back with little success. Now Inoue gets in a chopping right hand. Left hook to the body lands for Munguia, causing Inoue to smother him along the ropes. Both fighters trade punches to end the round. I think Inoue is putting up a great effort but is throwing too wild to be effective for the most part. Munguia 10-9.

Round 12: Inoue walks forward and walks right into a left to the body from Munguia. Inoue still tries to come forward but he takes some heavy shots from Munguia. Munguia backs up and tries to find space for his counter shots while Inoue tries to smother Munguia and sneak in unexpected power shots. Uppercut from Munguia lands to the head of Inoue. Munguia lands a clean left hook. Inoue is still coming forward, but he’s taking punishment. Munguia 10-9. I’ve got it 119-109 for Munguia.


Round 1: Both fighters exchange punches to start the fight. Can lands a left hook to the body. Rojas comes back with a couple of jabs before Can throws a short combination. Jab lands for Rojas, then another. Can lands a jab to the body but then puts the ear muffs on and takes a hook to the body. Rojas continues to march forward and Can tries to meet him with punches. Nice two punch combination lands for Can, but Rojas gets in some clean shots in return. Another jab lands for Rojas. Can partially lands a right uppercut. Now Can lands a three punch combination as Rojas covers up. I like Can in the opening round. Can 10-9.

Round 2: Two jabs come from Can who walks into a left hook from Rojas. UPpercut lands for Can, but Rojas gets in one back. Long combination comes from Can as Rojas covers up again. Left hook to the body lands for Can. Rojas walks in and lands two uppercuts to the body himself. Three punch combination ends with a hard left hook landed by Can. Now Rojas throws a long combination of hooks until Can takes a step back. Rojas lands a couple of straight shots as he continues to walk forward on Can. Clean right hand lands for ROjas after a jab. Both fighters mix it up to the bell. I think Rojas takes this one. Rojas 10-9, 19-19.
Round 3: Rojas leads with a left hook to the body. Can throws a flurry that is mostly blocked. Clean left to the body lands for Can. A couple more body shots lands for Can. Two left cans land for Rojas, to the head and body. Both fighters take turns throwing combination but Rojas lands a hard right hook upstairs at the end of his. Left hook lands twice for Rojas at mid-range. Can tries to snap a jab but can’t keep Rojas off of him. Double left hooks comes from Rojas, followed by a third that lands clean. Flurry comes from Can, Rojas fires back! Good action in this fight. I’m going to slightly edge this round to Rojas but it could go either way. Rojas 10-9.

Round 4: Left hook lead comes from Rojas but doesn’t land clean. Right hand lands upstairs for Rojas, who tries to follow it up with a couple more shots. Now Rojas is boxing on the outside as Can starts coming forward for the first time. Can lands a right hand upstairs, then a left. Hard left hook lands well for Can, knocking Rojas off balance for a moment. Rojas starts coming forward again, throwing both hands and pushing Can backwards. Hard body shot lands clean for Rojas. This fight is being fought at a furious pace. Another close round, with the single best shot I saw in the round. Can 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Right hook lands upstairs for Rojas. Now Rojas stabs Can to the body with a jab. Can throws a short combination as Rojas puts his gloves up to defend. Rojas gets warned for throwing a low blow. RIght hand partially lands for Can. Combination comes from Rojas with Can getting backed to the ropes. Rojas walks forward, trying to stay right in Can’s face. Can rties to fight him off but gets backed to the ropes on the other side of the ring. Two more hooks land for Rojas. Now Rojas puts himself on the ropes purposely and throws a short flurry before the bell. Rojas 10-9.

Round 6: Two pucnches to the body lands for ROjas. Bother fighters are averaging about 100 punches per round so far. Now Can turns the tables on Rojas and unloads several punches with Rojas on the ropes. Can tries an uppercut to the body. Jab to the body lands for Rojas, Can lands a left hook to the body. Can lands a right hand but ROjas comes back with more, landing a couple hard shots to the body, followed by a couple hooks to the head. Can throws a combination that mostly lands on Rojas’ gloves. Each fighter continues to take turns throwing hard combinations. Clean shot from Rojas lifes Can’s head up. Rojas 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Can takes the lead in this round, throwing a couple shots. Jab lands for Can. Rojas comes forward again, and lands a couple of uppercuts on the inside. Four punches come from Can. Cuffing left hook lands for Rojas, knocking Can off balance. Can lands a clean body shot at the end of a combination. Three punch combination comes again from Can. Now Can gets in a right hook as Rojas has his back on the ropes. I think Can did some good work in this round. Can 10-9.

Round 8: Left hook to the body lands for Rojas as he tries to circle the ring on the outside a little more. Can misses on a one-one-two. Rojas throws a short combination but the punches land on Can’s gloves. Can lands a right hand as Rojas lands a left hook. Rojas lands a stiff jab at the end of a short flurry of punches. Can tries to come forward on Rojas and lands a left hand. Can 10-9, 76-76.

Round 9: Rojas comes out quick and lands a right hand upstairs, taking an aggressive posture again. Rojas is coming forward again and gets in a couple of shots before Can fires back with both hands. Two punches from Rojas knock Can’s head back. Two hooks land upstairs for Rojas. Another flurry comes from Rojas, ending with a hook to the head. Now Rojas goes back downstairs, landing a left hook to the body. Another right hook lands for Rojas. Can sneaks in a right hand to the body as the fighters take turns throwing punches at one another. Rojas 10-9.

Round 10: Rojas lands a jab, Can doubles on a left hook to the body. Rojas lands another jab and Can tries a combination that’s mostly blocked. Both fighters are still able to throw their punches in combination despite fighting the whole fight at a quick pace. Two hard hooks land to the head and body of Can. Can lands a couple grazing shots upstairs before Rojas steps back in with a few hooks to the head. Clean left hook lands for Rojas. Double left hook to the body and head makes contact for Rojas. Can tries to push Rojas to the ropes and throws a few shots before Rojas comes back with his own shots. Rojas 10-9, 96-94.

Round 11: Rojas lands a stiff jab upstairs. Can tries to get off his offense as he throws several punches . Rojas is with his back along the ropes again and Can wants to take advantage. Two jabs come from an before he tries to slip in a couple power shots. Jab lands for Rojas as he times Can’s forward momentum. Uppercut on the inside lands for Rojas. Can gets in a couple clean shots to the head of Rojas. Four more punches come from Can with Rojas on the ropes. Can 10-9.

Round 12: Both fighters touch gloves and hug as they show respect for each other’s efforts. Can tries a short combination and then end it with a couple of jabs. Rojas stands in and throws a short combination in return, landing a right hook to the body. Can get Rojas back to the ropes and lands a flurry. Rojas gets back to his jab and partially lands a left hook to the head. The fighters take turns throwing combinations again, which is why there has been a lot of close round in this fight. Long combination comes from Rojas to the body and head. Can walks in but Rojas beats him to the punch. Can lands several clean punches to end the round. I think Rojas just edges it 10-9. I’ve got it 115-113 for Rojas.


Round 1: Valdez ties to attack first with a few jabs that fall short. Ortiz presses Valdez to the ropes and Valdez strikes before Ortiz can get off, then circles back to center ring. Ortiz tries a jab and Valdez goes down to the body with two shots. Two hard jabs land for Ortiz, then a third. Another two jabs land well for Ortiz who continues to apply pressure on Valdez. Clean right uppercut to the body lands for Ortiz. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 2: Ortiz leads with a jab. Two hooks to the body land for Valdez. Now Ortiz lands two much harder body shots which has Valdez pinned on the ropes. More clean hard body shots land for Ortiz on the inside. Right hand lead lands for Ortiz. Valdez goes back down to the body with a couple of shots but Ortiz looks like he’s just too strong for him. Ortiz walks forward and misses on a right hook upstairs. Right hand lands again for Ortiz before the fighters fall into a clinch. Ortiz strafes Valdez with a couple more punches after he pivots to get the angle. Ortiz 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Ortiz jabs to the body but can’t land anything to follow it up as Valdez forces a clinch. Right hook to the body partially lands for Ortiz, now a clean straight right to the head. Valdez holds in the corner to cause a break in the action. Three jabs land for Ortiz at center ring. Another jab lands for Ortiz, followed by a straight right hand. Valdez tries to fire back to the body a couple times. Ortiz 10-9.

Round 4: Hard jab from Ortiz lands square on Valdez’s face. Valdez hits the deck as the fighters get their legs tied up. Jab to the head and body comes from Ortiz. Another jab from Ortiz snaps Valdez’s head back. Straight right hand to the body comes from Ortiz. Ortiz throws a combination but misses on most of the shots. Clean right hook lands clean for Ortiz this time. Valdez is starting to take cleaner, harder shots and has a cut over his left eye. Ortiz 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Ortiz tries a lead left hook that misses. Ortiz continues to stalk but the defensive Valdez isn’t giving him a lot to work with. Left hand lands well for Ortiz this time, who then tries to follow it up with a straight right. Referee calls a timeout to have the doctors look at Valdez’s cut — he’s ruled good to continue. Left hook lands well for Ortiz. Another hard right snaps Valdez’s head back a solid foot. Valdez is starting to take a beating now, getting hit with clean hard shots. Referee calls another timeout to have the doctor look at Valdez’s cut, the doctor will allow it to continue. More power shots land clean for Ortiz and Valdez has probably had enough for one night. Ortiz 10-9.

In between round the doctor signaled to the referee to end the fight. Ortiz TKO-5.

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