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DeGale-Eubank Jr: Opening Press Conference

James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr. officially announce their Feb. 23 fight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Just in case you missed yesterday’s kick off press conference for the super middleweight fight between James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr., we have the video which captures the crux of the press event — featuring the two rivals going back and forth with one another. You can catch the full video above with some excepts below...

“Listen, this fight’s been a long time coming,” DeGale started. “A lot of people have been calling for this fight, Chris has been calling for this fight for a long time. When he first turned professional the guy was calling me out. He’s very deluded. On the 23rd of February I get my chance to deal with this guy good and proper, and finish him. Because after he’s lost to me, I’m not too sure where he’s gonna go.

“Thankfully we’ve only got 7 more weeks to wait. I look forward to it. I hope he’s ready. Make sure you tune in, it’s gonna be a good night of boxing.”

Eubank Jr. was then asked for his feelings on this fight, finally securing it after asking for it for so long:

“I’m happy. I’m comfortable. At this stage of my career big fights, fan-favorite fights, are the only thing I’m looking for and this fight has been, you know, four or five years in the making. James says I’m deluded, I guess you guys are gonna find out...”

DeGale then jumped in to say that Eubank still believes he beats George Groves and Billy Joe Saunders, so he must be deluded. Eubank then replied:

“We’re not talking about Billy Joe Saunders or George Groves. We’re talking about me and you and in February it’s gonna be a painful lesson for you.”

“You know you’re gonna be down after six rounds,” DeGale quipped. “But you’re hoping that I die and I’m not fit. I’m gonna get better as the fight goes on. It’s gonna get easier as the fight goes on.”

“I wish you he best of luck,” Eubank Jr. responded. “Unfortunately for you, like I said, this fight is — I’ve been calling for this fight for years. I’ve been training to beat you for years. I know everything about you. I know how you fight, I know your weaknesses, so it’s gonna be fun.”

Check out the full video of the kick-off presser above!

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