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Pacquiao flashes speed and agility in training camp

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Catch a glimpse of Manny Pacquiao as he prepares to face Adrien Broner on Jan. 19.

As Manny Pacquiao gets ready to defend his WBA ‘regular’ world title against Adrien Broner on Jan. 19 in Las Vegas, our friends at Fight Hub TV were able to catch some footage of Pacquiao during his training camp, which is now beginning to wind down as the fight nears.

In the video you can see Pacquiao go through a light shadowboxing routine, but he still showcases his vaunted hand and foot speed which hasn’t seemed to diminish much at age 40 — which is pretty impressive in its own right.

Of course lots of people look great in training, but it’s something totally different to translate that into the ring against a live opponent. Pacquiao goes into this fight coming off his first stoppage in nearly a decade, and has been telling the media that he’s hoping to put Broner on ice as well.

Do any of you give Broner a real shot to win this fight, or is Pacquiao just too good for him, even if he is past his peak?