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Tom Loeffler hits back at media reports on relationship with Golovkin

The promoter goes after media members, saying they’re spreading false information.

Gennady Golovkin v Canelo Alvarez - News Conference Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The masses have been waiting with bated breath on the decision to be made by the highest profile free agent in boxing, middleweight ace Gennady Golovkin.

With the exit of HBO from the boxing building, that means that some talent associated with plying their trade on the HBO platform need to find new homes. Golovkin grew from new kid on the block to star to pound-for-pound ace and transcendent name on HBO, and has engaged in two of the biggest bouts of the last two years, against rival for the ages Canelo Alvarez. Now, the question begs, where will the Kazakh native, now residing in Los Angeles, show off his skill set?

He has been making the rounds, checking in with the DAZNs, Top Ranks, and PBCs, but has been mum about what direction he’s leaning. And when there is no news in the age we are in, speculation ensues.

Media has been jockeying to get deets on where Golovkin will land, and along the way we’ve heard rumors. “Sources” have said that Golovkin will now be striking out on a more independent path, meaning he will part ways with longtime promoter Tom Loeffler, the Cali-based deal-maker who’d helped the steer the ship for notables like Kevin Kelley.

Loeffler took to Twitter to counter some of the chatter on Monday; he threw a hard combo at industry lead dog Dan Rafael:

And also answered back at tweets sent by Mike Coppinger of RING and PBC:

And Mark Ortega, who does work for PBC and Sporting News:

Loeffler clapped back at Rafael tweeting that GGG and Loeffler are parting ways, and Coppinger for tweeting that GGG and his wife are now making all decisions regarding his career. Ortega wondered aloud on social what fan reaction might be to GGG and Loeffler parting ways.

I reached out to Loeffler on Monday evening, and he said there is no new news on where and with whom GGG will sign.

“Nothing to report until GGG makes his decision,” he said, when I invited him to chat on the Everlast “Talkbox” podcast..

OK, noted. But, let us clarify one issue that is fueling the Twitter speculation fest. Is it right to say that reports of GGG and Loeffler spltting are false?

“Yes,” Loeffler said.

So, to reiterate, Loeffler is saying he is still part of Team GGG.

Trainer Abel Sanchez said when he was in NYC during the Lomachenko-Pedraza fight week that he thought GGG would be announcing his new platform home in the third week of January, so we shall see if that nugget holds true.

In the meantime, eyes will be peeled for any more Twitter scraps, as it appears that Loeffler, generally quite mild mannered, has had quite enough of seeing reportage which he’s feeling is off base. And of course, in this age we’re in, with the ease of transmission of messaging, information, be it false or all truth, can get around the world twice before the record is set straight.

Woods, a Brooklyn resident, was a staff writer at NY Newsday, before joining ESPN The Magazne (2003-2011). He edited (2007-20015), and now publishes, and calls fights for Facebook Fightnight Live.

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