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Danny Garcia: Errol Spence is definitely beatable

Garcia shares some of his thoughts on Spence’s most recent outing.

In this video interview caught by Fight Hub TV, Danny Garcia gives his impressions on Errol Spence, whom he’s thought to be taking on next in January. Check out what he had to say on the Spence-Porter fight this past weekend...

Garcia on how he matches up with Spence:

“The thing is, he’s never faced a person who can hit as hard as me, and he likes to stay there, that’s why I like this fight so much for me.

“I didn’t go [in the ring] for no reason, I want this fight because I know and I believe I can win this fight.”

On if he liked what he saw from Spence against Porter in terms of seeing openings that he could take advantage of:

“Yeah definitely, I felt like he was there to be hit. But like I said before, the media was kind of disrespectful, no one gave Shawn Porter a chance and I told people ‘look, the kid looks like he don’t know what he’s doing, but he knows what he’s doing’ and it was a close fight, it could’ve went either way to me.”

On if he believes the media is disrespectful to all welterweights not named Errol Spence and Terence Crawford:

“Definitely. You know, it is what it is, man, that some fighters just get blessed with the hype and some fighters don’t. That’s just how the game is. As long as you know in your heart as a fighter that you can fight, then you ain’t worried about that. I don’t worry about where people rate me ‘cause I know when I step in that ring, I know what I can do.”

On how he would compare his fight against Porter to Spence’s fight against Porter:

“It’s the same type of fight. It was the same type of fight but he just scored a knockdown. And [Porter] backed him up a lot, I never backed up that much. He didn’t back me up that much. That was more of a rough, tough, ruggedy right. Mines, I’m more tactical so it’s hard to make me look like that. [Porter] just threw a lot on the inside with me, but [Spence-Porter] was a close.”

On if he thinks Spence is as good as he’s hyped to be:

“He can fight. He can fight, I take nothing away from him, he can fight. But definitely, definitely beatable.”

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